The Pros and Cons of AlloDerm Penis Enlargement Procedure – Does AlloDerm Really Work? And is It Worth It?

alloderm-penis-enlargement-graftPenis comparison is undoubtedly a scandalous topic that is considered seriously by men of the 21st century. While not everyone is blessed in the organ department, the urge to impress the ladies in bed is a strong feeling shared by the majority of males.

The dream to achieve a bigger penis is very much true, but many are still skeptical about the idea of a penis enlargement. Would it help you and your partner in terms of sexual fulfillment or would it just introduce a new set of health and sexual problems?

When it comes to penis enlargement, men are presented with two options: the surgical procedure and the non-surgical treatment.

A non- surgical penis enlargement is possible through dietary supplements and pills that need to be popped daily or as recommended by your doctor.

However, this method may take some time for you to see results or experience any kind of benefits. Men who are serious about penis enlargement and do not have qualms about spending money turn to surgical procedures for fast results.

The evolution of surgical technologies opens up the possibility of various methods of penile enlargement for men. One of the most controversial methods is the Alloderm Penis Enlargement Procedure.

Also known as Fat Injection or Fat Transfer, this method uses acellular dermal matrix (Alloderm) that has regenerative qualities, ideal for penis enlargement, breast reconstruction, abdominal wall reconstruction and head and neck surgeries among others.

The process of an Alloderm Penis Enlargement includes the attempt of increasing the penis girth through layering of Alloderm sheets. Surgeons performing this operation might use up to 6 sheets to improve the penile shaft circumference of the patient.

While the results of the AlloDerm Penis Enlargement method are promising, there are certainly a number disadvantages linked to it. Here are the pros and cons of this method that men could use before saying yes to surgical penis enlargement.

Let’s Start With The “Pros” of Alloderm Penis Enlargement

Smooth Contours

AlloDerm feels natural, not spongy. The use of AlloDerm will result in smooth contours and a natural feel. Patients would not know any difference once the procedure is done. Questions can also be avoided, since the penis enlargement will look as natural as possible. Not only will get a confidence boost, but your partner will also love the tighter feel.

Immediate results

Once surgery is completed, patients can immediately see the results of the penis enlargement. It might take a few months for the healing to be finished, but once it is, patients can enjoy the full functionality of their organs in a bigger scale.  Just note that you will have scars and possible “stitching” marks around the penile area…

Now, Let’s Discuss the “Cons” of the Alloderm Procedure


Safety concerns are raised in terms of AlloDerm-based procedures because donors could have transmissible diseases that could lead to infected AlloDerm sheets. Case studies have shown that infected sheets could cause necrotic skin areas, syphilis, hepatitis and HIV.

Skin Adhesion (Possibly Severe)

Skin adhesion can be observed in some cases due to tissue absorption. Once AlloDerm sheets are removed for a replacement, the skin adhesion might be severe enough to postpone another surgery for a full year for complete evaluation of skin conditions. Skin adhesions can also result in skin necrosis if proper care is not observed after the surgery.


Scars make an ugly appearance. While your penis is hidden from view, having scars on your organ can reduce confidence and make you conscious during activities in between sheets.  Proponents of AlloDerm say that your penis will not be deformed or reabsorbed in the event of an erection, so you can expect no unsightly lumps.  They also like to guarantee no scars, however we know for a fact that scarring is left behind in many cases.  After all, it is a surgical procedure!

Asymmetric penis appearance (Lopsided Unnatural Penis Appearance)

An asymmetrical appearance of the penis can lower your confidence and even affect your sexual expertise. Some males who got the AlloDerm penis enlargement procedure have observed the unnatural shape of their organs after surgery, and can even be considered as looking “mutated”!  (I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’d be too happy with a mutated and or mutilated penis!)

This might result in the removal of AlloDerm sheets and reapplication of tissues to ensure a natural look.

Temporary results (Is it really worth it?)

In some procedures, surgeons have observed the gradual reduction of AlloDerm sheets. Tissue absorption can take place and result in temporary enlargement. Once the AlloDerm decreases, the penis girth is also reduced.

Getting a penis enlargement procedure is clearly up to you. Before you take the risk, weigh the pros and cons. If you are willing to live with the risks in favor of the advantages, investing in a penile enlargement surgery might be for you, but I personally do not recommend it at all!

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