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ProExtender Penis Enlargement Device – Does ProExtender Work?

The ProExtender System offers much more than just a penis extender, it is an entire solution designed to enhance all aspects of male sexuality and performance. Established in 1994, the ProExtender System has undergone years of clinical testing to get its formula exactly where it should be and get to you to the top of your game.

We rank the ProExtender System as our 3rd choice mainly due to its long track record.  Feedback suggests that it is comfortable to wear, but not as comfortable as SizeGenetics.  We take comfort very seriously when reviewing penis extenders, therefore ProExtender gets the 3rd spot.  However, it works very well, and in our opinion comes with one of the best bonus packages available, which depending on your goals, might make this your best bet.

 How Does The ProExtender System Work?

Customers who have tried the ProExtender System have reported a massive 24% increase in penis size with regular and committed use of the solution. Buying the ProExtender System is an investment in your sexual health and performance as it covers all aspects necessary to keep your body healthy and your sexual drive supplemented with everything it needs.

 The ProExtender Penis Extension Device

The ProExtender penis extender works on the basis of traction, which is a gentle yet firm force that increases the size of the penis. This creates a greater surface area for increased sensitivity and pleasure. When the extender exerts the force ion your penis it causes the penile cells to shift further apart and create openings between the cells.

The cells then divide to fill the spaces, giving you more volume where it matters.

When blood flows into the penis, there is more of it to be filled up. This method is medically endorsed and clinically tested and is guaranteed to provide satisfactory results- or you will get your money back!

Using the ProExtender penis extender is a permanent way of increasing the size of your penis.

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ProExtender Comes With More Than Just an Extender…

 VigRX Penis Enhancement Pills

To make the most of your newly increased penis size you really need to get the blood flowing into the penis and greater genital area. Supplementing your diet with safe and natural penis enhancement pills does just that.

A combination of herbal ingredients with aphrodisiac qualities will increase your libido and your desire for sex. Age-old remedies that have been used to treat conditions such as impotence and infertility increase blood flow to the penis through vasodilation.

This means that the blood vessels also expand, allowing more blood through to make the most of your increased volume.

Some of the ingredients also boost your levels of testosterone which adds to your sense of self-confidence, boosting your self-esteem and allaying any fears or nervous tension you might be experiencing.

Supplementing the diet will ensure that your body is getting the right mix of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, and enable it to keep up with your increased penis. Natural herbs are also added to increase overall energy and strength.


Increasing the volume of semen that you ejaculate will give you longer, more pleasurable climaxes. During an orgasm it is the contraction of the muscles, sphincters and ducts in the male body that makes the orgasm feel good, as they work to ejaculate your semen.

Increasing the amount of semen you produce will prolong the orgasmic sensations. Prolonging and improving your orgasms will also make you want to have sex more, sending a sign to the woman in your life that you desire her- and she is likely to reciprocate the favors.

Semenax has also been proven to increase both the quality and quantity of sperm through testosterone production. Testosterone is the male sex hormone which is responsible for regulating the sex system in men.

It creates more sperm and assists in improving their motility, allowing you to ejaculate more, more often, and with more force.

Studies have also shown that many women are attracted to men who produce large amounts of semen because it is an indicator of fertility, making the man a suitable sexual partner.

Semenax has been proven to increase the quality of your erections, and also gives you better control over when and how long you orgasm for. Stamina is important as a sexual partner, as it will help your lady to achieve multiple orgasms and, make her more likely to want sex from you, more often!

 Penis Exercise CD

Exercising the penis will help it to grow. Regular exercise will maximize the effects of the extender you are using and the penis enhancement pills used to supplement your diet.

It will also get you better accustomed to your penis and how your body works. It is basically a kind of training for sex- without the sex, of course. Regular exercise assists in endurance and stamina, qualities which are guaranteed to make you a better lover.

 Am I Really Guaranteed To See Results?

The ProExtender System’s studies have shown a remarkable increase when it comes to the size of the penis. If the system is used as indicated, and as a complete solution, the average increases have approximated 2.8 cm larger while erect and 1.9 cm while in the flaccid state.

Always remember that these figures are averages and you could very well increase your penis size even more than this.

Most customers report great results within the first week of using the products, but on average you can expect:

Weeks 1 to 4: This is the period where you get used to the product and start to build a routine in investing in your sexual health. It will take a little while to start reaping the benefits of the dietary supplement, and you will also start getting the hang of the exercises you need to perform.

You will notice an overall improvement in your sexual performance. Your semen volume is likely to increase and you will experience better quality erections that are starting to become easier to control.

Weeks 4 to 12: During the secondary period you will experience noticeable and measurable results if you are following your program correctly. It is also during this period that you might find your ProExtender penis extender needs adjusting- to accommodate your increased manhood!

You will also notice a difference in the size of your penis while it is in a flaccid state during this period.

Weeks 13 and after: the results of the first 12 weeks are totally enhanced. By this stage you will be a pro at your exercises and will have worked when it is most comfortable and convenient to use your penis extender.

You will notice increased lengthening and widening of your penis.

ProExtender size chart

 What if Someone Finds Out About My Purchase?

You need not worry about your privacy. The ProExtender System has been in business since 1994 and understands peoples’ sensitivities and insecurities. As such, all queries are handled confidentially. All orders are shipped quickly, safely and discreetly to help you in the fastest turn-around time possible.

Why is ProExtender is the Best Choice?

  • Contains 2 of the most potent male enhancement supplements available (VigRX Plus and Semenax)
  • Comes with the most advanced penis exercises in the world!
  • All members of an exclusive study reported increases in penis size
  • Close to 2 mm per week gains are reported on average!
  • No complication
  • Doctors in a total of 29 different Countries recommend ProExtender to their patients!
  • Comes with a 187 Day Risk Free Trial!*Simply, If it doesn’t work for you, then you pay NOTHING!*

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