does penis size matter

Average penis size – does it matter?

Does Penis Size Matter to most Men?

Most men, whether they like to admit it or not, will exaggerate the size of their manhood.

No man will ever admit to having a small penis, because he believes it will make seem like less of a man. Most men measure out at an average penis size but all men will secretly check out other guy’s packages to try and gauge if theirs is bigger. So, if most men are average, does size really matter?

Unfortunately, the straight answer is yes. A man’s penis is a symbol of male fertility and virility in terms of cultural identity; this is part of history, and not something that we are going to change any time soon.   As such, a small penis in a nature sort of way can subconsciously portray the possibility of a man being less fertile,  or have less virility which emasculates the owner, making him seem less of a man.

It’s kinda like how male peacocks show off their bright colors to win over a mate, or how lions have to fight.

Does Penis Size Matter To Men?

The answer to this is kind of shocking, and obvious all at the same time.  Let’s face it.  Many guys freaking obsess about the size of their penis, which can lead to different emotions and overall well-being.  Think about it for a second.  Depending on how men feel about the size of their private parts AKA Manhood, they could on one end of the spectrum, end up feeling sad and depressed because they might think they are lacking in some way in this department, or on the other end, end up having way too much dang confidence for one individual!

Either way can be ultra toxic for a healthy mental state.

Penis Size is the Ultimate Symbol of Manhood – Why Does Penis Size Matter So Much?

The penis is a symbol of manhood and a lot of men use it to measure their masculinity and thus their sense of self-esteem.  Checking out another guy’s size in the locker room or the shower is going to prove a massive disappointment for most men because of the perspective they are checking it out from.  Looking down on your own package will make it look smaller, and looking at someone else’s penis will always make it seem a bit bigger than it really is.

You also have to take other factors which influence a penis size into consideration before you can make comparisons, such as: the temperature of the surrounding environment, the level of sexual activity, and the time of the day.

Since a man’s penis size DOES matter so much, as far as a man’s understanding of himself, it comes to represent so much more than just a piece of anatomy.   Penis size is often linked directly to a man’s capabilities as a lover.  Men with small penises are less likely to satisfy their lover’s sexual needs. They are also believed to have less satisfying orgasms and less enjoyable sexual intercourse.

How Much Does Penis Size Matter to Men?

Does penis size matter to men?  You bet it does!   This is because it will determine how they feel about themselves, and how they feel about themselves will affect their ability to perform sexually. The stress and tensions they are feeling because of their insecurities about the size of their manhood will definitely affect their love-making capabilities adversely.

A man who is not confident about himself will not be able to perform at his optimal levels, and will also not be able to enjoy the experience as freely.  One very interesting study from the International Journal of Impotence Research shows that many men who are looking into penis enlargement actually underestimate the size of their penis.  You can find it here:


Does Penis Size Matter To Women?

Women, like men, seek a partner who has a good genetic make-up.  On a primal level, a woman is looking for a partner who offers her the best DNA to procreate with.  A man with a small penis will not represent this to her, even if it on a subconscious level.  A lot has been written about the vagina and its ability to accommodate any size penis provided it is introduced slowly and carefully, but you will need to convince the woman to get into bed with you first!

If your answer to the question, “Does penis size matter?” is a big fat yes, there’s at least some good news.  If you’re packing a vienna sausage in your BVD’s there is something you can do about it.  Not only by increasing your penis size, but also boosting your sexual performance.   You can see our supplement recommendations if you’re ready to get started.

Drop a comment below with your thoughts.  Does Penis Size matter to you, and if so, how much?

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