How Do Semen Volumizers Work?

sperm cellMany men report better and longer lasting orgasms after using semen volumizers.   Semen volumizers can improve a man’s sexual stamina, the quality of his erections and his levels of confidence.

Increased pleasure during sex is a combination of physical and psychological factors. It is very important to have a strong cardiovascular system that can pump enough blood into the penis, otherwise the quality of your erection will disappoint you. Increasing the blood flow to your genital area means that there will be enough blood available to get the penis to its maximum size when erect.

Psychological factors are also really important. Low self-esteem and broken self-confidence will prevent you from being able to perform and enjoy your sexual encounters, and volumizer pills can help in this department.

Semen Volumizers can Elevate Mood

Semen volumizers offer a blend of ingredients that work on the nervous system. Many of them contain precursors to neurotransmitters like dopamine which means they can also assist with an elevated mood.

Feeling better and performing better in the bedroom will do wonders for your self-confidence.

Our Top 3 Choices for Semen Volumizers are as Follows (Complete Reviews Included):

  1. Semanax
  2. Volume Pills
  3. Performer 5

Women love men who are self-confident, and your improved performance means that she will want to have more sex, more often. A large volume of semen is also associated with fertility, and women have a subconscious programming to find partners who are suitable mates.

Orgasms occur during the climax of sexual intercourse and ejaculate is produced and expelled when this happens. When this happens rhythmic contractions are experienced in the perineum, rectum, pc muscle and anal sphincter. The contractions that accompany the orgasm will continue for as long as there is semen to be ejaculated. The more semen there is to be ejaculated, the longer, and the more intense your climaxes will become.

Most semen volumizers,  like Volume pills are a combination of different herbs, mineral and chemical compounds. They focus on one or a combination of these factors:

  • The circulation or flow of the blood in the genital area, specifically into the penis
  • A man’s libido or level of sexual desire

Blood flow is essential for the man to get and maintain an erection. This assists in the quality of the erection and also the ability to control it. Libido is vital to get maximum pleasure from love-making.

Semen Volumizers Active Ingredients

Semen volumizers / Volume pills usually contain some of these ingredients to improve and increase blood flow, specifically that into the genital area:

Taj and safflower: these are vasodilators that expand the blood vessels, enabling more blood to pass through the body more quickly.

Arjuna: this regulates blood pressure and the heart rate. It makes sure the body is strong and secure enough to sustain the erection. The presence of Drilizen, which is a coronary vasodilator, assists Arjuna in helping the body become strong enough to perform and keep up during sex.

When the libido or the level or sexual appetite needs to be aroused, hormones need to be called into play.  The male sex hormone testosterone is what regulates sexual libido.  It is also known to improve general confidence levels, not only those pertaining to sexuality.

semen volumizers can be used to treat erectile dysfunction, small penises, and premature ejaculation.

Because the muscles and ducts in the genital area need to contract to provide feelings of pleasure, the best kind of semen volumizers look after the entire male anatomy, and all the key components, including:

The ejaculatory ducts: these are the channels that the sperm travel through during ejaculation

Epididymis: this is the “waiting area” that sperm cells are stored in before they are ejaculated

Seminal vesicles: they produce the semen that the sperm will be transported in during ejaculation

Vas deferens: this is the channel between where sperm cells grow and become mature, to the seminal vesicles where semen is produced and the sperm are made ready

Testicles: the testicles produce both sperm and testosterone