Penis ENlargement MethodsPenis Enlargement Methods

If you are insecure about the size of your penis, or even if you do not want to be an average statistic, there are many different and highly effective methods you can use to enhance the size of your penis. There are supplements that can be taken as well as exercises that can be performed to not only increase the length and width of your penis, but also enhance your libido and give you greater stamina for a better sexual performance.

Penis Enlargement Pills (Our #1 Penis Enlargement Method)

Penis enhancement pills are made up of natural ingredients, and some manufacturers have their trademarked compounds which have been researched by medical teams for many years. Most penis pills work on the basis of increasing blood flow and circulation to the genitals.

They usually contain different kinds of vasodilators that encourage blood vessels to expand, allowing a greater amount of blood to flow to your erection. Many of them also contain herbal additives that have been used in traditional medicines for centuries.

These ingredients have aphrodisiac powers that boost the libido and increase your sexual pleasure, giving you more powerful orgasms.  We always recommend penis enlargement methods that include pills as part of your routine.

Our best rated penis enhancement pill is VigRXPlus which has been proven to increase sexual satisfaction after regular intake.

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Penis Enlargement Patches

Penis patches are even easier to use than penis enhancement pills, and equally as good as one of our recommended penis enlargement methods.   They usually contain the same kind of ingredients as penis pills, but the active ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Most patches last for up to 72-hours and ensure that the right levels of active ingredients are always present in the bloodstream. There are no chances of any side effects and the patches are easy to apply. They can be put on your lower stomach, buttocks in your inner thigh for complete discretion.

If you like the sound of what penis patches can do for you,

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Penis Extenders / Traction Devices

Penis extenders are an incredibly effective way to increase the size of the penis permanently. While the effects of penis pills and patches are very noticeable, sometimes the solution is only temporary.

Penis extenders actually cause the penis to increase size through cell division, in much the same way that other muscles in the body can be increased through exercise. The penis extender can be worn under your clothing, and is very discreet.

Your success is proportional to the length of time you wear the extender for.  Many doctors recommend using a penis extender after penis enhancement surgery, to ensure that the penis does not go back to its original size. These penis enlargement methods have been used by various tribes for many years and its efficacy has been proven and documented in medical journals.

If you are looking for great results, as well as value for money, then read our penis extender reviews to find one that will work best for you.  Read our reviews of various Extender devices below.

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Semen Volumizers

While semen volumizers don’t increase the size of your penis, (not actually one of the penis enlargement methods) they can increase the intensity of your orgasms and increase the amount of ejaculate when you climax.  This means your orgasms also last longer, and are more impressive to your sexual partner.

They also contain natural ingredients that work to increase the blood flow to the genital area and give you greater control over your climax, combating premature ejaculation.  Find out more about our recommended semen volumizers at the links below:

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Penis Enhancement Exercises

Penis enlargement methods that do best always incorporate penis enhancement exercises which can gradually and permanently improve the size of your penis.   They make use of a technique known as jelquing or milking which, when performed daily, can create a marked increase in the quality and frequency of your erections.  Exercises promote manual blood flow into the penis.

We offer more information on how these exercises can benefit you in our section on jelqing.

But it’s best to follow a complete and fully mapped out penis exercise program to get the best results, as it can get tricky to stay on track!

We highly recommend Erection Fitness program for this!

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Penis Enlargement Surgery (Not Advised!)

Penis enlargement surgery is often a big consideration when men feel inadequate about their penis size. We caution our customers when it comes to surgery as it is expensive and results may not live up to your expectations. The penis is not really lengthened but is made to appear longer during the surgical process.

You can read more about this here.

What Penis Enlargement Methods do we Recommend?

Well, if you want the best chance at success, our recommended course of action would be the following:

1. To use either a male enhancement pill or patch (We recommend VigRX Plus, or ProEnhance Patch), along with…

2. A Penis extender (SizeGenetics is our 1st Choice), as well as…

3. An exercise regime that includes jelqing  (Erection Fitness is our top Program recommendation)