Vimax Extender Review- Affordable Penis Enlargement Device


Vimax Extender

Vimax Extender Product Review

The Vimax Extender is our best value for money product when it comes to penis extenders and traction devices. The Vimax Extender puts a medically endorsed technique into an affordable and effective penis enhancement device.

They recently lowered the price by a couple hundred dollars to an astonishing $99.95!  That is unheard of for a medically backed penis enlarger, and is why we believe this to be the best deal anywhere! Visit the Official Website The Vimax Extender provides the most noticeable penis lengthening and widening traction at the best price on the market today. It is both safe, painless, and incredibly discreet. The device is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand.

Is Using The Vimax Penis Extender Painful?

The Vimax Extender works quickly and quietly. While individual results may vary, what we do know is that your amount of penis enhancement is directly proportional to the frequency that you use the product.

The traction the Vimax Extender provides is gentle, and the penis is not ‘forced’ to lengthen. Traction is a concept that is used by orthopedic surgeons to help bones heal after breakages.

How Does Traction Affect The Size Of My Penis?

The Vimax Extender causes a gentle force of traction to pull the penis down slightly. This stretches the penile tissue. Gentle stretching of the penile tissue creates more spaces between cells.

The cells then repair by dividing and growing into the spaces that have opened up. This results in more bulk in terms of the width and lengthens the penis noticeably.

How Do I Use The Vimax Extender?

The device is attached to both ends of the penis and is adjustable, according to your individual size. Metal bars on either side create the sense of traction on the penis. As the device is worn and the penis is pulled down, spaces open up between the penile cells.

When the cells start to repair themselves they divide and fill the spaces up. This results in a bigger, firmer penis.

How Do I Know The Vimax Extender Is Safe?

This product has been designed by a leading urologist and has been medically approved. It was originally created as an aid for recovering patients after penis enlargement surgery. All candidates who undergo penis augmentation surgery are recommended to use a penis extender to make the effects of the operation permanent and to stop the penis form reverting to its original length or width during the healing phase.

Using a Vimax Extender will assist you with:

  • Penis growth through constant and gentle traction
  • Lengthening of the penis
  • Boosting your confidence levels and eagerness to have sex
  • Reducing your levels of anxiety associated with your sexuality and the size of your penis
  • Healing fully and reaping the full benefits of penis enlargement surgery

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Can The Vimax Extender Only Be Used For Penis Lengthening?

In addition to lengthening the penis the Vimax Extender is also ideal to assist with Peyronie’s Disease, which is an embarrassing condition where the penis has a noticeable curvature once it becomes erect.

Regular use of the penis extender has shown a remarkable 75% success rate in treating patients with Peyronie’s Disease and curvature of the penis. Improving this condition through penis extension methods also does wonders for self-confidence and gives patients a renewed sex life.

What Kind Of Results Should I Expect?

While different people have different experiences and enjoy different increases when using the Vimax Extender, the average increase is sitting at around 30%. No other penis enhancement method can claim this sort of result.

Are There Any Risks Involved In Using A Vimax Extender?

No, the Vimax Extender has been developed by a medical professional and has been endorsed by healthcare professionals worldwide. You should be aware that it is not suitable for use on an erect penis, which is very vulnerable and susceptible to injury when it is in this state.

There is only one size available but the device is fully customizable to ensure the correct fit. It is important that you fit the extender correctly, not too tight that it affects blood circulation and not too loose so that it cannot perform its function properly.

The Vimax Extender is recommended to be used between 4 and 6 hours per day for the best results. You should work out when the best time is for you. Some people prefer to wear theirs while they are asleep; others find that it is easier for them to use the device during the day when they are at work.

Either way, the Vimax Extender is small and discreet enough to wear under your clothing, and no one will know the difference. Always make sure you have fitted your penis extender correctly for the best results and to ensure there is no skin irritation.

I Am Pretty Average In Size Already- Are There Any Benefits For Me To Use The Vimax Penis Extender?

The Vimax Extender is suitable for use on any sized penis. Even if your penis is not small, it can be made bigger through regular use of the extender. Having a bigger penis will stimulate you and your partner. Some of the benefits we have found with this product include:

  • A longer penis with a wider girth
  • An increase in sexual arousal and stimulation
  • Better control of ejaculation when used in conjunction with penis strengthening exercises
  • Permanent results
  • An aid to help recover from penis augmentation surgery
  • The ability to satisfy your partner
  • A boost to your confidence levels and an improvement in self-esteem and self-worth


Why Choose Vimax Extenders When There Are So Many Different Products Out There?

Vimax extenders have been designed and tested by a leading urologist. It has undergone medical testing and has been proven 100% safe. Vimax also offers the very best value for money in the penis extender market, as the device is available for just under $100 when other devices that are not nearly as effective or safe are charging hundreds of dollars.

Vimax offers a six month guarantee on their penis extender- they are this confident that you will see and enjoy the results. It’s our number one pick- go on, give it a go!   >> Visit the Official Vimax Extender Website   Vimax Extender Growth Chart