Taking A Look At Vivaxa Male Enhancement Cream

IMAG0833Adding Vivaxa Cream to your list of male enhancement products can do wonders for your sex life if you need something to deliver immediate results. If you are going through a temporary slump and have found your sex life suffering as a result then Vivaxa is a great choice.

While it will not increase your penis size it does enhance the quality of your erection and the ease with which you can produce one in the moment. It will assist with your sexual stamina and performance and ensure you give a great performance time after time.

It also contains active ingredients that will protects and care for your skin, ensuring no irritation or skin damage

Vivaxa boasts a number of benefits for your sexual health, including:

–        Relaxation about problems related to your sexual health and your sexual performance, a marked decrease in anxiety and nervous disorders related to your sexual performance.

–        Boost sexual stamina, which is especially useful if you are tired or fatigued. It increases the duration and the quality of your sexual performance, helping you to last longer and to perform at your best.

–        Increases the quality of your erections. . Vivaxa provides great relief if you find that you erections need a little bit of help. Vivaxa will help you to achieve natural and effective erections and give you that added bit of stamina support,


How Does Vivaxa Work?

Vivaxa is applied topically to the skin.

The active ingredients in Vivaxa are:

Peptide 171: enhances the quality of your erection making it bigger and stronger, and helping it to last for longer.

Calmosensine: which soothes and calms the skin ensuring g there is no irritation or dryness as a result.


What Will My Lover Think About Vivaxa?

Of all the enhancement creams on the market Vivaxa is one which is great for both partners. It does not cause a numbing or cooling sensation on the female genitalia and it does not wear off in intensity after a while. It can be used before masturbation and is also suitable for use during oral sex and as an aid in foreplay.

Enhancing your erections and giving your endurance levels a boost is something that will work out in both partner’s favor. Vivaxa is great for men to use on their own but equally beneficial when used in a relationship.

NOTE: One common drawback we’ve heard is that some women don’t like the thick consistency of Vivaxa while having sex, and feels a bit awkward at first.  However after a few uses it becomes very tolerable, and is common with male enhancement creams.


What Could Be Affecting My Sex Drive?

There are many factors that can have an adverse effect on the quality of your sex life and your state of sexual health. A healthy sex life can only come about if you have a healthy and functioning body and a healthy state of mind. You always need to look at yourself holistically and devise a course of action for your whole self, instead of only treating the symptoms of your problems. If you are not just going through a rough patch there are other avenues you should look into:


Many modern diets are lacking in vitamins, minerals and nutrients simply because people do not eat healthily enough. Always read food labels and ensure you are only eating food. This does not include colorants, preservatives and additives. If you do not know what it is, it probably isn’t food. Supplement your dietary intake with a penis enhancement pill to ensure that you are getting the right mix of goodness for your body. The endocrine system cannot manufacture hormones at the right levels if it is not being fed enough or properly. Penis enhancement pills contain a mixture of ingredients that look to provide energy and combat tiredness and fatigue. They also contain ingredients that help in the production of sex cells.


Stress is a killer- literally. There is the chronic kind of stress that you might be experiencing daily, and then there is the sex-related tension and anxiety that could be killing your sexual performance.

Getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet and getting adequate rest will go a long way in helping you to cope with stress and the demands it places on your body and mind.

Using an enhancement cream like Vivaxa can help to give you that added boost and put a stopper on your nervous system, helping you to take the edge off and relax a little.


How Do I Use Vivaxa?

Vivaxa is easy and convenient to use. All you have to do is massage a little for 5-10 minutes into the genital area and let it take effect straight away. The manufacturers recommend that you apply it:

Week 1: 4 applications a week

Weeks 2-3: 5 applications a week

Weeks 4-6: 6 applications a week

Weeks 7-8: 5 applications a week

Weeks 9-10: 4 applications a week

Weeks 11-12: 3 applications a week


Most people start noticing the effects of applying Vivaxa immediately, after the first application.  Most people will start to experience noticeable results with Vivaxa within the first 8-12 weeks of using the product.

Once you have got through the initial 12-week period we recommend a follow up program whereby you apply the product at least one to three times a week rather than just stopping to use it straight away.


How Does Vivaxa Work, and How Will I Know When It’s Working?

Once you apply Vivaxa you will feel a sensation that either makes your skin tingle or makes it feel cooler to the touch. Those are the sensations described most commonly by customers.  That is the signature sensation, and that is how you know that Vivaxa is working for you.

In the long term you can also expect:

–        A stronger impulse to have sex more often. An increase in sexual thoughts.

–        Quicker erections when you apply Vivaxa.

–        Stronger erections that last longer.

–        More sexual stamina and energy. A decrease in fatigue and general tiredness.

–        A more active sex life in general.

–        Loss of anxiety and nervous tension related to sexual performance and problems in the bedroom.

–        A reputation as a great lover and the ability to satisfy your woman every time

–        A quicker recovery and a bigger chance of multiple sessions.

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