Penis Exercises- Jelqing The Safe Way

jelqing penis hand exercisesJelqing is a natural way of increasing the size of the penis, and is an alternative method in comparison to using a penis extender.  It is rumored that the technique is Arabic in origin, and that it is a technique passed on from father to son, as a rite of passage.

It should be performed on a semi-erect penis. Your first sessions should range between 20 and 30 minutes at a time. When you feel ready, you can extend the time.

It is really important to make sure you warm up properly, as this will increase the blood flow to the penis and ensure better results. It will also minimize your chances of sustaining an injury. You can warm up by taking a long bath or by placing a warm facecloth or towel over the genital area for a while.

It might be easier to use a lubricant for the first few times you perform the exercises although some men claim that lubricants give them an erection.  If this is the case for you, you might want to use a dry method instead.

Jelqing works in the following way: You should encircle the width of the penis at the base in your hand and tighten your grip slightly.

You are almost “milking” the penis, and your objective should be to move the blood from the base, into the head of the penis slowly and properly. It is suggested that you perform between 100 and 200 jelqing movements per day when you first start out with the exercises.

Free Jelqing Video  (Watch this After You Read this Article)

Here is a Free Jelqing Video we have found that is pretty accurate.  If you can’t afford to buy a full program at the moment like our highly recommended Erection Fitness or  Penis Health Program, this video would make a great free alternative to at least get you started in the right direction.

(just nowhere as in depth of course!)

WARNING – NSFW!  (NOT SAFE FOR WORK!) Adults Only!!! (YouTube Video)

jelqing demonstration video (NSFW)

You should discontinue the exercises if you start to feel pain or if you get an erection.

It is important that you do not ejaculate during this process, and concentrate rather on completing the exercises if you really want to see results.

Your penis is also more vulnerable to injury when it is erect and you first need to know your boundaries before you can do this (see Advanced section later on in the article).

It is possible to perform jelqing exercises if you are circumcised. In many cases it is actually easier as the foreskin does not get in the way. If you are not circumcised you will need to pull the foreskin back manually before you begin the milking action.

Advanced Jelqing Methods

Once you have practiced jelqing for a few months and your body has got used to the routine, you can move onto more advanced methods that will provide better results.

An advanced form of jelqing is using both hands to perform the milking motion. This is also known as stretched jelqing and will give you even better results.

Kegel exercises: performing a Kegel exercises just before you tighten the grip on the penis will give you better results.

Erectile jelqing: it is important to note that the erect penis is sensitive to injuries, and you run a greater risk of an injury when the penis is erect than when it is flaccid. jelqing should usually be perfor4med on a semi-erect penis, but you may start practicing on an 80% erection once you have the hang of the exercises.


Any sign of pain should be respected. If you feel any pain or discomfort you should stop what you are doing and take a break.

Never overwork the penis and push the limits beyond what you consider comfortable.

A small amount of redness and a bit of swelling is normal owing to the action you are using to force blood into the head of the penis.

It is recommended that you wait up to two hours between jelqing and sexual intercourse, and allow the body a bit of time to recover.

It is advised to follow a proper penis stretching and exercise program for the safest, and best results.  Below are our top 3 manual penis stretching exercise programs reviewed: