Performer 5 Review – Semen Volume Pills to Increase Sperm Load

Performer 5 Product – Is it Really Performing?

performer 5

Performer 5 Semen Volume Pills

The male health supplement, Performer 5 is great to use if you want to improve your lovemaking skills in the bedroom.  So many men want to become better lovers because they know that pleasuring the women in their life will get them better sex more often.

If you want to improve your sex life and perform even better in the bedroom (or the lounge, or the dining room) then this is the product for you. Taking Performer 5 will ensure you get ahead of all your lady’s previous lovers and make sure you satisfy her every time.

Performer 5 is a supplement that will enhance your sex life, and works best when taken regularly and in conjunction with:

A healthy diet: A lot of erectile problems arise from deficiencies in the diet. Never before has the adage “what you put in is what you get out’ been more true. If you do not provide your body with the proper fuel, it cannot perform at its best.

Talking: A healthy sex life is a two way street. You need to learn to communicate with your lover if you really want to enjoy true intimacy and overcome feelings of insecurity, tension or low self-esteem. Many problems with erectile dysfunction have as much to do with psychological factors as they do with physical issues.

Exercises: We all know that more sex means a bigger penis, but if there is anything holding you back from having the sex you truly desire, your penis is not going to get the exercise it needs. Regular penis exercises will ensure that you are continually exercising your manhood and increasing its size gradually.

Studies Have Shown That Regular Intake Of Performer 5 Can Boost Your Sex Life And Increase Your Penis Size

Performer 5 contains the highest grade zinc which has a positive effect on testosterone levels and sperm production. A study carried out by the USDA revealed that semen volumes dropped by as much as 30% when zinc was removed from the diets of men who took part in the case study.

Performer 5 contains the right combination of mineral, vitamins and herbs to increase your sexual functioning and ensure that you perform at your best. We found the following after taking the product:

–        Better quality of erections. Erections were stronger and harder and lasted longer than before.

–        An increase in the amount of semen produced.  More ejaculate means longer lasting climaxes that feel more pleasurable and intense by having a massive cum load!.

–        Better control of erections and improved sexual stamina. It’s all well and good to have a great erection but it’s no good if you can’t hang onto it! Performer 5 has shown great results in producing erections that make for memorable sex and last.

–        Improved self-esteem and confidence. A great performance makes you more likely to want to have more sex. It makes you more enthusiastic about sex and stops any negative thoughts or anxiety you might have about your sexuality.

–        A better rating as a lover. Nothing can make a man feel as good as when he is able to make his partner experience a powerful orgasm, or two. Sending your partner to the heights of ecstasy means she will be more eager to have sex, and you will have sex more often.

Performer 5’s list of active ingredients includes:

Zinc- in the form of aspartate and zinc gluconate


DL-Malic Acid


Beta Glucans 20%

Creatine monohydrate

Performer 5 addresses all aspects of male health and sexual performance enhancement in one pill. It ensures that the correct nutritional mix is being delivered so that your body can perform at its optimal levels. The presence of creatine monohydrate also works to improve the appearance of your erection and make it more visually stimulating for your lover.

Performer 5 also makes use of active ingredients that work on the psychology of good sex. Very often if the body doesn’t perform as well as we want it to, it leads to feelings of tensions and inadequacy.

Performer 5 contains ingredients that help to boost self-esteem and nervous tension, while also addressing the source of the problem- your sexual well being and performance.

Performer 5 offers some great free gifts with purchases of a years’ supply of the product. This ensures you have a full spectrum approach to sexuality and sensuality and you get the best value for the money you spend. Some of the tempting titles include:

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