How to Perform the V-Stretch Natural Penis Lengthening Exercises

at-home v-stretchThe stretching of the penis is one of the earliest and most basic male enhancement methods in the world. It won’t cost you anything except your time in committing to such exercises, not to mention it’s a 100% natural method.

It’s a daily routine that requires only a few minutes of your time. You can do penis exercises as much as twice per day, but not more than that because you have to provide a margin of time for the penile muscles to rest and regenerate.

The V-Stretch is one of the exercises that benefits the length of the penis. It has been developed in the year 2001 by a physics teacher who thought that daily stretching and exercise of the penile shaft will enhance its length over time.

It is basically the manipulation of the shaft of the penis to assume a V shape. Both hands are required to perform this exercise, and best of all, it can be done in the comfort of your own home!

This at-home penis enlargement method is easy enough for anyone to do, plus it’s free and natural  so let’s get started!

Warming Up…

Just like any bodily exercise, you must have a warm up for your penis before performing any male enhancement activity.  One method of warming up is to go into the shower and expose your penis to warm water.  Interestingly, warm water encourages the expansion of the blood vessels, thus enabling blood to flow more freely into the system or organ.  Warm water exposure will encourage more blood flow to the penis, thus exhibiting erection.

In warming up, gently massage your penis. You can use soap as a medium to assist you through this process. Think of it as a sort of masturbation, but you’re only kneading your muscles for the actual stretching exercise. It is vital that the penis only achieves a semi erected state.

In doing so, the muscles won’t strain too much in the throes of erection.  Upon getting the semi erected state, perform 10-15 Kegel’s exercises or squats. This will further encourage more blood flow to the penis.  After this, rinse off and keep your penis dry.  You should be prepared for the actual V-stretch  As Compared to the A-Stretch exercise.

What Do You Mean by “Stretching” the Penis?

When the suspensory ligaments of the penis are stretched, enlargement is attained. Exercises like jelqing or the V-Stretch applies stress to these ligaments, thus elongating them.

When done daily, it will be like stretching garter for a long time and getting a longer garter length in the process. It is advisable to do the V-Stretch exercise in front of the mirror so that you could actually see if you’re achieving the V shape that is supposed to be the purpose of the whole exercise.

How to do the V-Stretch

With your non-dominant pointer finger and thumb, grip the head part of your penis. Pull your penis outward until it feels adequately stretched. You should remember that you should not stretch your penis so much as to elicit pain. Place your dominant thumb on the rear of the upper part of your currently stretched penis.

Apply downward pressure and run your thumb down the length of your shaft, ensuring that it takes the shape of the letter V as you do so. This process shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds. Without removing the thumb nor lifting the downward pressure, run your dominant thumb back to the rear part of the penis for another 10 seconds.

The V-Stretch exercise should be done within 5 minutes, but not a minute longer because the muscles and ligaments of the penis would feel strained and worked out by that time. The muscle fibers of the penis will have undergone the desired process of abrasion, just like when you train your biceps or triceps.

Don’t Use a Bar or Other Object! (Only Use Your Hands!)

Some people use a bar or some other tool to act as the device that pulls the penis down into the V shape, but it is not advisable because these objects may be too heavy or they may harm the penis due to the nature of their surfaces. The thumb is better because it is soft and you’ll have direct control over the pressure and the massaging capacity.

If you’re committed to doing the V-Stretch exercise, then you could do it twice a day. Don’t overwork your penis, because it takes time to see the results. Let the ligaments and muscle fibers of your penile shaft rebuild.  The mild pain you’ll feel after each exercise is expected.

Remember to eat protein-rich foods as they help with muscle repair.  Eat well, get enough rest and exercise regularly.  You’ll be able to see the results in no time.  An alternative method is the JAI Stretch, which I cover HERE.

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