Does Xanogen Really Work? Will Xanogen Pills With HGH Factor Actually Increase Penis Size? Here’s Our Review…

Xanogen ReviewsA lot of people who have average penises are not totally as satisfied with what they have and many may resort to means such as penis pumping just so that they can increase in size.

Today, however, there are less strenuous ways in order to increase a person’s penile length thanks to the help of penis and sexual enhancing supplements.  One such product that claims to help with male enhancement is known as Xanogen.

Xanogen has incorporated both synthetic and natural ingredients into its product in order to make sure that the natural effects of these substances are presented in such a way that is advantageous for the consumers.

Furthermore, the makers of Xanogen claim that their product is set apart from other enhancers due to its HGH factor, which stimulates a person’s body to produce increased amounts of Growth hormone.

Does Xanogen work, and live up to it’s expectations? Or is Xanogen pills just another bogus male enhnacer? Let’s dig in a little deeper…

Here are the Known Benefits of Xanogen

Provides Lean Muscle Mass

Muscle mass is directly influenced by the growth hormone as it stimulates the muscle cells or myocytes to undergo hypertrophy. This in turn would enable the muscle to increase in density as a lot of these muscle cells forms on top of one another and thereby increasing the likelihood of a person to develop an increase in their muscle mass.

Gives Stronger Bones

Apart from calcium and other inorganic compounds, there is also another way to help in bone growth and that is by stimulating the growth hormone of the body. Generally speaking, growth stops by the age of 21 for males and 18 for females, however, a lot of people may opt to choose Xanogen as it provides them with the option to increase bone density by promoting osteoclast and osteoblast activity withing the bone cells.

Promotes Weight Loss

As growth hormones flood into the body, the physique of the person evens out by the well distribution of the adipose tissue across the body. This being said, the HGH factor helps in making sure that a person not only has a great penis but also has the best physique to stun a lot of people into submission.

Helps In Correcting Growth Issues

A lot of people have the perils of being short, whether in overall size or in the penile length. No matter what the case is, the HGH factor stimulates the growth factors that are stored within the private stash of our complex body system and releases them in order to make sure that they are put to use.

Astragin, the main component of the HGH factor acts to increase the absorption of the amino acids: L-arginine and Citrulline which is similar to the compound Bioprene. These amino acids stimulate the formation of polypeptide bonds and thereby forming proteins that are essential for the growth of people.

However, Xanogen also contains a variety of active ingredients incorporated for a person to witness its pharmaceutical effect upon its entry to the body.

Here are the Main Ingredients in Xanogen Pills


Every sexual enhancement pill needs a kick and for the Asians, they contribute to the success of Xanogen by incorporating their native ingredient into the pill: the epidemedium or the horny goat weed. It was given its name after people observed how goats went into sexual frenzies after eating them. There have been studies claiming that the Horny Goat Weed is effective in stimulating people’s hormones making it a potent aphrodisiac. The Epidemedium gives Xanogen its extra kick as it provides the best hormonal rush one can experience.


Up in the high mountains of South America lies a plant that are fabled to possess great healing properties from impotency and other infertile disorders such as erectile dysfunction and is well known by the natives by the name: Maca. The Maca plant has been used in medicine long before the progress of medicine, today, however, it is backed up with scientific facts and postulates which makes it a great addition to

Xanogen as it promotes testosterone release thereby increasing sperm count and viability and improves the quality of a person’s erection making it longer and harder and thus contributes in the increase of penile size.

Yohimbe Extract (unfortunately, not something we usually like seeing in male enhancement pills)

redxAlthough the Yohimbe Extract from the plains of Africa has been banned in some States in the US and in some countries in Europe, there’s no doubt that this  ingredient is what Xanogen enhancement pill relies upon for their “effectability”.

Yohimbe acts on people’s central nervous system which stimulates more activity and pleasure hormones so as to improve a person’s interest in sex. The extract can work both ways for males and females as it acts on the females’ vagina rendering their neural pleasure points bare and sensitive so as to give them an explicit arousing feeling.

However, this does not come without side effects! Yohimbe can cause serious skin flushing, rashes, mood agitation, faster heartbeat, frequent urination, headache, nausea, anxiety, insomnia, dizziness and even vomiting.  We highly recommend that you try to avoid any supplements that contain yohimbe in their ingredient profile, especially for male enhancement.

It’s also VERY IMPORTANT to note: If you have even the slightest bit of heart problems, you’ll definitely want to avoid this supplement, as Yohimbe can come with added stress to the heart.  You should consult your doctor before ever taking a yohimbe based supplement.

GABA (Gamma aminobutyric acid)

The GABA hormone, is actually naturally synthesized in our body. Its action is to calm down the nerves by inhibiting nerve transmission and activity within the brain, alcohol binds to these receptors which in turn gives people the feeling of euphoria whenever they get drunk.

In pharmaceuticals, it is used as a tranquilizer in certain drugs such as sexual enhancement supplements and is used to provide people with the feeling of zen bliss as it calms down the nerves giving people the euphoric feeling that they have in order to make sure that they enjoy having sex without overthinking.  Some say this effect is a placebo, and in fact not everyone will get the same experience from taking GABA.  Everyone’s body is different.

“So Should I Buy Xanogen?” Final Conclusion…

To be perfectly honest, we are not big fans of Xanogen and it’s ingredients profile.  For the expensive price, you could actually buy a much better formulated male enhancer like VigRX Plus (Read our VigRX Plus Review Here).  Plus, user feedback suggests that Xanogen doesn’t even produce any real noticeable results.

Our final conclusion to this Xanogen review?  – Don’t waste your money!

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