Getting Started With The JAI Penis Stretch Method

jai stretchesJai Stretches for penile lengthening – The first step to take to make a very effective JAI stretch for a bigger penis is to look at it the way one works out in building a bigger and stronger body part.

It is not just some general exercise for some overall healthy result. This is the kind of exercise that is very specific and highly-scientific, in fact.

Make Sure to “Warm-Up” Each Time

Like most specific workouts, the body has to have some kind of warm-up first. It is of extreme importance that the engine is already revved up. Otherwise, the person may not get the desired full effect of the activity or worse, could be a potential cause of injury.

In the case of the penis, the penis should be completely flaccid or at the most only 40% aroused.

If in doubt, the best way is to wait until it is completely limp. Unless done on this precise condition, there is absolutely no sense in doing this kind of exercise. An aroused penis would be next to impossible to get the needed exercise for a better and permanent growth.

For warm-ups, the male can do some basic stretching activities like stretching it horizontally, vertically, sideways, and downward using the normal stretching techniques. Usually the stretching takes about 30 seconds for each direction.

There should be utmost care taken during the general exercise period for the JAI stretches to work faster and better. After the general warm-up, there should be sufficient time to allow the phallus to rest. Over training the penis is less than ideal and less than perfect would not get the desired results.

Hand Placement and Motions for JAI Stretching

The JAI stretching technique is basically taken from the general stretching method with one very notable difference. First of all, the person should be in a very comfortable position while doing the exercise. It could be standing, sitting, or kneeling.

Use the “OK” Grip

Firmly, but gently hold the penis with an “OK” grip just like how it is done in normal exercises. Instead of stretching the penis for about 30 seconds, the penis is stretched for no more than 2 seconds every time.

Another 2 seconds of rest and then another, stretching for as many repetitions as one can do in a given time. While resting, make sure the required grip is still in place. Simply make sure again, that the penis is not over trained.

There Should Not be Any Pain

Another difference is the degree of the stretch. The penis is stretched a bit harder than normal. If there is even a hint of pain, then that means there is already overstretching. The reproductive organ is not called the crown jewels if not for the enormous amount of care that it deserves. Regardless of the desired effect, pain should be an absolute no-no.

For better results, 10-15 repetitions per session would be ideal. Again, pain should not be allowed during the stretching. Rhythm is another important part of the JAI. Stretching and resting should be done within 2 second intervals. After a month or three weeks, one can add another set of 10-15 repetitions to the first one and so forth.

General Manual Penis Stretching Exercises VS The JAI Penis Stretching Method

Questioning the difference between the general and the JAI stretches would be the automatic result after hearing of the JAI technique. Whereas it is true that the human tissue can be stretched and with prolonged stretches under a considerable amount of time may develop to a more defined and enlarged part like the penis, one may ask the reason for the 2 second stretches.

The rationale behind the JAI stretches is to counteract the normal corrective measures of the body when stretched for a period of time. The muscles in the penis naturally contract to ease the strain on the stretched phallus. While this is normally great, it really diminishes the whole point of the whole stretching exercises.

2 Seconds is Critical

Thus the 2 seconds of stretch are very critical since it allows the muscles to fully stretch before the normal body protection scheme happens. Before the muscles contract, the penis had already been given the right kind of maximum stretch.

Every person is unique and there is no definite time table as to when the desired results are achieved. Please do remember that the JAI is more of an advance type of penile exercise and should be done only as part of a regular phallus enhancing regimen.

Follow a proper Penis Exercise Program for Maximum Results!

We recommend following a complete penis exercise program like one of the following: Below are our top 3 manual penis stretching exercise programs reviewed:

Have you attempted this penile stretching method yet?  If so, please share your results below…

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