“7 inch Penis” – Is Seven Inches The Ultimate Size Women Prefer?

measure penis size 7 inchesWhen it comes to sexual performance, some men and women believe that size matters. In a study published by the Cal State LA and UCLA, it was highlighted that 84% of women are ‘very satisfied’ with their partner’s organ size.

However, the size in question was not mentioned in the report.

A lot of men are anxious about their penis size and blame their ‘small girth’ as the reason for low self- confidence and mediocre sex performance.

Despite the catchphrase “size doesn’t matter”, some women are very particular with their man’s penis size since it also affects their pleasure in the bedroom.

Average Penis Size and the Alpha Male…

Unfortunately 7 inches is not the average penis size by any means.  In fact, a 7 inch dick is actually really big in the scope of things.

As reported by The Journal of Sexual Medicine, an above-average penis size is one of the assets of a typical alpha male stereotype.

It was found out that a big penis is not only connected to a male’s confidence in the bedroom, but also affects the women’s pleasure.

BathmateFrequent vaginal orgasms are reported to be experienced with a partner having a bigger-than-average penis (the 7-inch penis packing crowd fits this category).

This proves that women are also particular to penile size as much as they care about intelligence, social status and personality traits.

This fact is a source of depression among males who are not gifted in the organ department.

In fact, they are conscious about their girth when they enter the mating market, not knowing if potential partners would accept their penis size without the option of Viagra or enlargement procedures.

Variability in Preference – Not all women prefer a larger than average 7 inch penis…

Since the aforementioned study was published and made public, some researchers express their disagreement with the findings.  In fact, they refer to past studies that conclude “variability in preference”.

They strongly believe that not all women want a bigger or longer cock size when searching for a partner.

It may be true that sexual pleasure can be easily achieved with a bigger-than-average size, but not all women want to experience vaginal orgasm all the time.

Sometimes a small to medium sized penis is just what the doctor ordered depending on multiple factors out of our control.

There are other types of orgasm that can also provide pleasure, and most of them do not need a partner with a big penis.  Sometimes a small penis can do the job just fine.

Average is Awesome (To Some Women…)  – 5.16 inches?

In another study, it was proven that girth matters during one- night stands.  That is the expected scenario since the aim of one-night stands is sexual pleasure.

By having a small penis size, men would not be able to help their partners achieve vaginal orgasm.

However, studies show that an average size is already enough for sexual pleasure. According to a study published by the British Journal of Urology International, the average size of an erect penis is 5.16 inches and 3.61 inches if it is a flaccid penis.

Is 7 inches a good size penis?

Contrary to popular belief, a 7 inch penis is not the size all women prefer, because it is longer than average.  In fact, only a certain percentage of Americans have around a 7 inch penis length, while Asians fall short in this category.  Meanwhile, Africans take the cake when it comes to penis girth and length with a much larger percentage of these men having a 7 inch penis (or larger) in size.

Why would women choose an average penis size if given the chance?

There are certain advantages in choosing a partner with regular penile measurements.  Women won’t feel threatened with an average penis, as opposed to bigger ones.  Women can be emotional, and if they are the jealous type, an oversized dick will only make them feel even more insecure, and scared of the potential for infidelity.

On a good note, an average size lessens the chances of damaging internal tissues during rough sex.

In connection to pleasure, women can also avoid painful sex if they choose normal penises.  Males with bigger penises also have the disadvantage of a limited set of sexual positions.

Since they may have longer lengths, the possibility of bending their penises during complicated positions is a scary reality.

Studies also show that the performance and attractiveness factor is not correlated with above-average penile measurements.  It would certainly improve one’s sex appeal, but the performance and attractiveness will depend on the man’s s physical well-being and appearance.

7 Inch Penis Verdict: What Really Matters?

Presented with such studies, men and women are still confused if penis size really does matter in bed.  Is a 7 inch penis really that much of a difference than a 6 inch one?

Yes, it increases the chances of males to give their partners are orgasm, but it also depends on the technique or skill involved.

That’s the exact reason we always recommend a quality male enhancement pill like VigRX Plus.

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In fact, some studies correlate orgasm to relationship quality and psychological functioning.  The penis size alone, 7 inch penis or not,  doesn’t guarantee sexual pleasure.  So men should rest easy about their cock size.

Women would also choose a partner who genuinely cares and loves them no matter the penis size, as opposed to an insensitive man with a big penis and a bigger ego problem.

So is seven inches the ideal penis size for men to have?

It’s all relative to what their partner prefers.   Penises over 7 inches can be too much, and anything under 6 inches may not be enough…

The best advice is to work with what you got, and if you need a hand up, try adding in a male enhnacement pill like VigRX Plus.

Luckily there are >> options for attaining a bigger penis!

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