Penis Enlargement Pills FAQ


Penis enlargement pills work by increasing the flow of oxygen through the body, especially to the penis. They are usually made up of natural ingredients that supplement the body’s dietary intake. They are not meant to be considered as quick fix solutions, but rather build up the levels of active ingredients in the bloodstream over a period of time.

We have found the best results to happen when using a combination of penis enhancement pills and a penis extender. The penis extender makes the effects of the penis pills more permanent.

What are the benefits of penis enhancement pills?

Penis enhancement pills can increase the size of the penis. In addition to this some other benefits can be enjoyed:

  • Stronger and longer lasting erections
  • Improved stamina during lovemaking
  • An increase in sexual appetite or libido
  • More intense and enjoyable orgasms
  • Better urinary flow
  • Better blood circulation in the genital area
  • Increased sperm or semen production
  • Treatment of impotence
  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction


What ingredients do penis enhancement pills contain?

There are some standard ingredients that can be found in most penis enhancement pills. It is not, however the ingredients on their own, as the combination and dosage of various ingredients that make for a successful penis enhancement pill. YOHIMBE is an ingredient that you should look out for. This is currently under observation by the FDA and has had a warning placed on it because of the severity of its side effects. Other active ingredients that are commonly found in penis enhancement pills include: ginseng, fo-ti (or ho shou wu), Gotu Kola, Saw Palmetto Berry and Damiana.


How do penis enhancement pills work?

Penis enhancement pills either work by stimulating blood flow to the genital area or they increase the libido or sexual appetite. Some penis enhancement pills work by offering a combination of the two.

Penis enhancement pills can give you a stronger and longer lasting erection as they can stimulate the erectile tissue in the penis to hold more blood and thus the penis becomes greater in size.


Are penis enhancement pills safe?

We only promote products that have been tried and tested by our adventurous staff. To be on the safe side, make sure you read the instruction leaflet before you swallow anything. Some companies advocate that people who have diabetes should not take penis enhancing pills.


What dosage is recommended?

The dosage will differ from product to product, so always make sure you read the package insert before you ingest anything. Penis enhancement pills are usually sold in packages of 60 or 90, which are meant to last a month. Most manufacturers recommend two to three tablets a day.


How much do penis enhancement pills cost?

Again, it depends on the brand you go for and the frequency with which you need to take the penis enhancement pills. The average is somewhere between $40 and $80 per month depending on the quantities that you purchase. You should be able to get bulk discounts for big orders. You should be looking at a program that lasts between three and four months to see decent results. Watch out for scams that require you to use the product for anywhere between six and eight months.


Are results guaranteed?

While we cannot guarantee how much of an improvement you will see, you will certainly see some difference. Our clients’ averages range between one and four inches. Even if you experience less penis growth from the pills, you are still guaranteed to enjoy stronger and longer lasting erections, more intense orgasms and an increase in your sex drive.