Vimax Patches Male Enhancement Product Review

vimax patchesVimax Patches offer safe and natural ingredients in a trusted formula that delivers results fast. The average size gains associated with using Vimax Patches spans between 1-3 inches in size.

Using Vimax Patches is simpler than doing penis exercises, cheaper and more comfortable than using a penis extender and more effective than using penis enhancement pills.

These are made by the same company as Vimax Pills, so you know it’s from a reputable company.  Male enhancement patches are  the perfect solution if you generally hate taking pills, or are not good with taking them on a regular schedule.


Did you know that the average penis size is somewhere around 5.7 inches to 6 inches long? Did you know that 90% of men fall into the average category? Even if you fall into the normal size range- do you really want to be and stay average for the rest of your life?

What if you thought you could increase the length of your penis by 1-3 inches (let’s be conservative) and make it 25% wider- you’d do it, wouldn’t you! Well, those are the kind of results you can expect from Vimax Patches.

It’s time that you took control of your sex life and put yourself out there. You cannot expect results if you keep trying the same old thing and you don’t see any difference- you have to change something.

Luckily vimax patches are among the cheapest solutions for male enhancement, and are 100% safe.

Are Vimax Patches As Effective As Pills?

Vimax Patches can actually be even stronger and more effective than using pills.  Patches usually contain the same type of active ingredients as penis enhancement pills, it is just the delivery of those ingredients that is different.  Using a patch means you have a steady and passive intake of active ingredients all the time via transdermal delivery.  You do not have to worry about timing the swallowing of a pill every day or whether something else you ingest will affect its effectiveness.

The patch ensures that the right amount of active ingredients is circulating in your bloodstream.  You also do not lose out on any ingredient potency or strength as the product does not need to be ingested and processed by the liver.  The ingredients are thus delivered at optimal strength at all times.

The other convenient aspect is that each patch lasts for up 3 days, which means even if you forget about it, you are still getting everything you need to be able to perform at your sexual peak.


What Can Vimax Patches Do For Me?

Regular use of Vimax Patches has proven success in many areas:

–        Experience an increase in sexual desire and the frequency with which you have sexual thoughts

–        Become aroused more easily

–        Experience up to a 1 to 3 inch increase in penis length

–        Experience up to a 25% increase in penis width

–        Experience stronger and more intensely pleasurable orgasms

–        Experience stronger and more powerful orgasms

–        Experience an increase in ejaculation volume

–        Gain new levels of self-confidence and self-esteem


How Quickly Can I Expect To Start Seeing Results?

Weeks 1 to 4: most men experience an increase in the width of their penis immediately.  You will see that your erections start to last longer.

Weeks 4 to 8: you will notice a measurable difference in the length of your penis.  Afterwards you will also see more gains in the width department.  You will also start to see noticeable differences and an improvement in the length of the penis while in the flaccid state.

Week 9 and after: there will be a very noticeable difference in the size and strength of your erection and your ability to control it.


Some Data From Satisfied Customers

We have vast experience in the male enhancement niche and have conducted studies across our client base. Some of our impressive results include:

64% of our customers reported a three inch growth after four months using Vimax Patches.

93% of our customers claim to have a more satisfied sexual partner.

86% of our customers have enjoyed more intense orgasms through the use of Vimax Patches.

We caution any clients with pre-existing heart conditions to take care and get prior medical approval from their doctors. Your heart and cardio vascular system is about to undergo rigorous changes and exercise, so make sure you can keep up before you try Vimax Patches.

What Is In Vimax Patches That Makes Them Work So Effectively?

Ginseng: ginseng has been used for many years to promote the healthy flow and functioning of sexual energy. It rejuvenates and stimulates the sexual system. It also protects and fortifies the sex glands.

Fo-Ti:  Fo-Ti is known to restore fertility, virility and other afflictions related to aging. It is said to restore youth and vitality. It purifies the blood and delivers bioavailable energy to the body.

Gotu Kola: Gotu Kola is used to treat impotence. It assists in improving erectile dysfunction. It is said to build stamina and endurance capacity. It is a useful blood and gland tonic.  It assists with the memory, youth and restoring longevity.

Saw Palmetto Berry: a tonic for the sexual system, Saw Palmetto berry nourishes the nervous system and improves the function of the prostate. It has been especially useful in reducing the size of a swollen prostate.

Damiana: Damiana is indicated for the functioning of sexual health in general. It is useful in treating both the nerves and hormones. It is used as an anti-depressant and to help ease anxiety, especially that related to sexual performance. It rejuvenates sexual energy and increases the sex drive.

Menthol: this is peppermint extract which helps with the rapid absorption of the active herbs and nutrients through the skin.


I Am Using An Extender – Can I Still Use Vimax Patches?

Vimax Patches are suitable to be used in conjunction with an extender as a support. They should not be used with pills but as an alternative to penis enhancement pills. They add to the benefit and permanent gains afforded by an extender.

You can also use patches if you are doing penis exercises.

Patches are also effective if your sexual energy is waning a bit and you are worried about losing some excitement in the moment. Vimax Patches will give you that added boost of confidence if you are struggling in that department.

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