Penis Exercises- Stretching


While there are men who have ‘small’ penises, the majority of men are average in size. Most men want to have a bigger penis and most men wish they could enhance their performances in the bedroom. Bigger penises are associated with:

  • greater desirability
  • greater virility and power
  • more stamina and sexual endurance
  • a better reputation as a good lover
  • more pleasurable orgasms

Pills and patches can enhance your libido and supplements can give your body more power and endurance but you also need your penis to be able to keep up with your new found energy. Regular stretching is a completely natural and safe way to enlarge the size of your penis in a gradual manner. Penis stretching exercises give you all the benefits of penis enlargement surgery without the associated risks, expenses, complications and ‘downtime’.

By performing regular stretching exercises you will be stretching the suspensory ligament that connects your penis to the pubic bone. The suspensory ligament is present on the entire shaft of the penis.


How Do I Perform Penis Stretching Exercises?

There are many different types of techniques you can try, but the most basic one is to grip the base of your penis firmly with one hand, stretch the penis as far as you can without inducing pain or discomfort. You need to pull the penis forward until you can feel the stretch as deep as the base of your penis and throughout the shaft. You can hold this position for at least 30 seconds before releasing it. You can perform three of these exercises per set to begin with.


I Am Already Using A Penis Extender- Will I Overdo Things If I Do Exercises As Well?

No, penis exercises can complement any other form of penis enhancement. Penis exercises work on the same principle as penis extenders- a kind of traction.

They are recommended to enhance the effects of a reputable penis extension device. They will also work well in conjunction with the effects of penis enhancement pills and patches. Doctors will recommend that penis exercises be performed post-operatively to help the recovery process after surgery.

They are especially beneficial if you are already performing jelqing, which focuses on increasing the size of the erectile tissue.

You should perform penis enhancement exercises for at least three to six months before you can expect to see and maintain results.


What Results Can I Expect From A Penis Exercise Program?

Penis fitness and exercise gets you in touch (literally) with your body and your penis. You will work this part of your anatomy, as you would do with your other muscles. You will be able to increase the size of your flaccid and erect penis, and learn to how to achieve and sustain strong and powerful erections. Stimulating your erections and working on your levels of endurance will help you to enjoy more pleasurable climaxes. It can also help to enhance the amount of sperm your produce.

On a psychological level, a bigger penis and better sexual performance relives a lot of nervous tension and solves many self-confidence and anxiety issues for many men. It will enhance any self-esteem issues that may have been lowered because of small penis size or poor sexual performances.

Penis fitness is essential for anyone who wants to have a healthy and pleasurable sex life. Enjoying sex means you perform much better in the bedroom. A good performance means a satisfied partner and a bigger sexual appetite and demand for sex on her part.

The penis exercise program that we have had the best results with and that we recommend most often is PenisHealth. Other good programs are Erection Fitness and Penis Advantage.  Click on each of these links to read our full review of each program.