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Maxoderm Cream Review

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A true quality product, Maxoderm is quickly absorbed into the skin. It helps to make achieving a quality erection much easier and much more natural. It is fast acting and does not cause any side effects.  Applying the lotion topically to your skin means that the potency of the formulation does not get diluted during digestion.

So many men have high sex drives and want to have more active sex more often but struggle to perform under pressure. You can only have enjoyable sex and intense climaxes if your ability to produce and sustain an erection helps you out. If you have been under stress or are suffering from an illness, this might be a little difficult. It also becomes more difficult once you start getting older.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect With Maxoderm And How Often Do I Need To Apply It?

Regular use of Maxoderm will help you to produce spontaneous erections that lead to mind-blowing sex, whenever you feel like it. We recommend an intensive 12-week initiation program to begin with, followed by a lower intensity maintenance program for optimal results.

Our recommended schedule of applications is:

Week 1: 4 applications

Weeks 2-3: 5 applications

Weeks 4-6: 6 applications

Weeks 7-8: 5 applications

Weeks 9-10: 4 applications

Weeks 11-12: 3 applications

The maintenance program should be followed at least three times per week if you want to maintain your erections at the same impressive quality and strength.

How Long Will It Take Before I Start To Feel Anything?

Some customers report immediate results and can feel the difference as soon as they apply Maxoderm. You should be aware that individual results vary or your results may be different. You should start experiencing definite changes within the first four weeks of application.

I Am Already Using Penis Enhancement Pills- Can I Still Use Maxoderm?

Yes, Maxoderm is different to penis enhancement pills as Maxoderm is applied topically. It can help to exacerbate the effects of penis pills. Maxoderm is applied to the skin and the results can be felt almost immediately.

How Will I Know If Maxoderm Is Working On Me?

Maxoderm leaves a slightly cool, tingling sensation on the skin, as soon as it is applied. Once you feel this sensation then Maxoderm is getting to work,

Maxoderm is also safe enough to use for sensual massage and it is great to include in foreplay if you allow your partner to apply it to your skin. Unlike many other creams and oils Maxoderm does not cause a numbing sensation in female partners, which can make them less effective to work with.

How Safe Is Maxoderm?

Maxoderm is very safe to use and contains natural ingredients. There have been rare cases where customers have got mild skin irritation from some of the active ingredients, but these cases have been few and far between. If you do find any sort of reaction that is less than ideal then you should discontinue your use of the product immediately.

Caution should also be exercised if you are using Maxoderm in conjunction with condoms. While it makes for a great accessory during foreplay and sex, Maxoderm may not be safe to use with latex condoms, and a back-up form of contraception and barrier against STDs should be employed.

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How Will A Stronger Erection Affect my Sex Life?

Even if you are currently satisfied with the size and strength of your erections, you can enhance them and make your love life even more stimulating with regular use of Maxoderm. An increased erection size can lead to:

–        More pleasure during sex. A bigger erection means an increase in surface area for pleasurable sensations. Intercourse will be more enjoyable.

–        More endurance and sexual stamina. A bigger erection means that you can last for longer during sex and enjoy it even more.

–        More semen. Many customers who have used Maxoderm to enhance the quality of their erections reported an increase in the amount of semen they ejaculated, and were impressed with the force at which they were able to ejaculate.

–        More intense and more pleasurable climaxes. Longer sex sessions mean a greater build-up to the main event. Your orgasms will be more enjoyable and last for longer, especially if you produce more ejaculate.


What Will My Lover Think If She Finds Out I Am Using Maxoderm?

Women love it when men make an effort and take matters into their own hands, especially when it comes to the bedroom.  Men who have large erections and are powerful lovers are much more masculine and more desirable to women. Men who produce larger volumes of semen are also more attractive as mates because it means they are more fertile.

A larger erection will give you greater endurance during sex and give your lady a better chance of achieving multiple orgasms and thinking of you as a sex god.  Satisfying your partner means she will be more likely to want to have more sex more often.

Maxoderm will not cause a cold or numbing sensation for your female partner, like many other enhancing creams and lotions out there.  The sensations she experiences will still be completely natural and enjoyable for her.

How Do I Apply It?

Maxoderm is a topical cream which you simply rub into the surface of the skin. It is a great cream to use for foreplay before sex.

My Maxoderm Smells Quite Strong- And Familiar- What Is It?

Maxoderm contains a special blend of active ingredients and herbs designed to be fast-acting and effective.

Many people believe it to be made out of the same ingredients as a popular sports cream but this is not the case.  The active ingredient that causes the strong smell is methyl salicylate.

This is also the ingredient that causes the tingling sensation and is one of the signature ingredients in the blend. If you ever suspect that you might have been sold a fake product, this smell is what will distinguish the product.

You should always get medical approval if you have a pre-existing medical condition and are thinking of beginning a program using Maxoderm, to ensure that you will be completely safe.

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