Jes Extender Review: What is the Jes-Extender Exactly?

Jes Extender Penis Enlargement DeviceThe Jes Extender has been on the market for a long time, and has a pretty good track record.  One negative is that the company is not American based, and is why we give it a 3.5 overall rating.

However, don’t let that be the only deciding factor when purchasing a male penis extender.  Always weigh all options, and compare the penis extenders that are available in the market before deciding.

Established in 1995, the Jes-Extender offers some pretty impressive success statistics when it comes to penis enlargement and customer satisfaction:

  • It has served over 250,000 satisfied clients!
  • It reports a 28% increase in penis size on average but many customers have experienced even bigger and better results
  • It boasts 150 000 active forum users who share their experiences and offer support and advice
  • It is endorsed by both doctors and urologists
  • Over 250 000 units have been sold since the product was launched

The Jes-Extender is also certified a CE class 1 product, making it completely safe to use and ensures that there are no nasty side effects to worry about.


How Does The Jes-Extender Work And What Can It Do For Me?

Many people ask the question, How does Jes Extender work for penis enlargement?  And the answer is simple.  It uses a method that applies traction in order to increase penis size.  enis extension is one of the safest and most permanent methods of ensuring an increase in penis size. In fact, it is so effective that doctors and surgeons recommend the use of a penis extender to complement the effects of penis augmentation surgery.

So, even if you were to pay thousands of dollars for a major operation, you would still need to use a penis extender to keep the effects of your surgery permanent.

Applying the traction force to the penis increases both the length and girth of your manhood. The gentle but effective force that the Jes-Extender applies causes a shift in the cells of the penile tissue, opening spaces between the cells. The body’s response is to create more cells to fill those spaces. This means an added bulk and volume to the size of your penis. And- the effects are there to stay.

Wearing the Jes-Extender for a few hours every day will gradually and permanently increase the size of your manhood. A bigger penis means a more active sex life, a better chance of impressing and satisfying your lover and more pleasurable climaxes.

It also means less pressure on you to perform and an overall reduction in any anxiety and stress you might be feeling about your performance and your ability to impress and satisfy your lover over and over again.


Am I Guaranteed To See And Feel Results From The Jes-Extender?

A study conducted over clients who did not have erectile diseases has shown remarkable results. Those who wore the Jes Extender for up to 12 hours per day, seven days per week, over a period of between 8 to 24 weeks revealed an average increase of 2.8 cm on an erect penis and 1.9 cm on a flaccid penis. The overall average was a growth rate of 1.9mm per week.

The Jes-Extender offers a number of different solutions which are customized according to individual needs. There are six different packages which are guaranteed to offer you a solution for your problem. You can choose between different options that offer different accessories designed especially to enhance your sexual experience and help you to enjoy more pleasure, more intensity and a better quality of sex life, all round.


My Penis Is Not “Micro”- Does the Jes-Extender Work For Me?

Yes it will! Your penis does not have to be small for the Jes Extender to work effectively. Any sized penis can be made bigger- who wants to be average?  The size of your penis is directly proportional to the quality and quantity of sex you have.  A larger penis translates into more pleasure.

By increasing the size of your penis you are increasing the surface area which is receptive to pleasure and intensity: the bigger it is, the better it will feel.


My Lover Seems Happy With Our Sex Life- Is It Worth trying?

A larger penis will satisfy your lover even more and it will also serve as an indication of the level of desire you have for your sexual partner. Satisfying the lady in your life, and giving her the best orgasms of her life will make her want to have sex more often, resulting in a more satisfying and active sex life for you.

Subconsciously all humans seek the perfect mate based on their levels of fertility. A bigger penis means a more virile partner who will make a better mate. Women are more attracted to men who have larger penises because it makes them more suitable as partners.

Let’s be honest- all men question whether they are truly satisfying their lovers. They second guess their ability to satisfy their partner and, if they have any doubt about the size of their penis, this will make them feel even more insecure about the skills they bring into the bedroom.

Using the Jes-Extender is a guarantee that you will perform at your sexual peak every time.


What Makes The Jes-Extender The Solution For Me

Well, 200% money-back guarantee for one thing! That is unheard of- across all kinds of products in sectors. No one offers that kind of guarantee on any product!

The Jes-Extender team wants to create a community of open-minded men who are eager and willing to share their sexual knowledge and expertise and, as such, invites all customers to get involved in forums to do just that.

In the very unlikely event that you are not 100% happy with your purchase (and this has never happened before), the Jes-Extender team will give you 200% of your money back, provided that:

  • You log your weekly progress in the forum

  • You take before and after photographs of your penis, while you are wearing the extender and holding a ruler or measuring tape against it to show the size

In addition to this guarantee, you will also qualify for:

  • Email support from a team of qualified doctors to help you if you have any problems or questions

  • Access to the forum so you can share and learn with others

  • Online training to help you get the most out of your purchase

  • A DVD with step-by-step instructions

  • A protection pad

  • Shipping is discreet and will take place within 24-hours of placing your order.

How to order:

Click Here to Visit The Official Jes-Extender Website

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