male health issuesPeyronie’s Disease And Saving Inches By Not Having Surgery

Peyronie’s disease is a rare condition, but for the men who get it the psychological aspects of it are extreme.  Peyronie’s disease is a disease that causes some men to have a severely curved penis.

The penis is noticeably bent in a particular direction and it is definitely going to impact a mans ability to enjoy sex. Now keep in mind that having a  small bend in the penis is not abnormal at all.

There are plenty of men who suffer from that. There are not a lot of men that have penises that are completely straight. When it comes to Peyronie’s disease though the penis is severely bent to either the left, the right, up or down. Sometimes it can even be bent back on itself. This is going to make having sex an impossibility.

Some men do not know why the end up getting Peyronie’s disease, and doctors have been unable to come up with the exact reason why some men get it as well. Doctors claim that Peyronie’s disease happens because of some severe trauma to the penis that the man was not aware of at the time it happened. This is not for sure though.

In the case that it was the process would work like this. A man receives some type of powerful force to his penis and this leads to what is called micro bleeding.  When the penis is going through the healing process particular growth factors go unchecked. What this is going to cause is an abnormal level of scar tissue or what can be called plaque to build up.

Now the penis would curve up severely in this case because the penis is going to lose its elastic tissue. This is going to be replaced by the plaque build up or scar tissue. When a man gets an erection the elastic tissue of the penis spreads out and this makes the penis lengthen is a straight fashion. When plaque build up plaque, the penis is not going to stretch out straight.

The plaque that build up in place of the elastic tissue in the tunica is hard, and it is not going to stretch out when a man gets an erection. Men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease / a curved penis condition worry about whether or not it is possible to fix it at all or will they have to go through surgery in order to fix the problem. Surgery may be an option, but there is another option men can try before they resort to this.

Peyronie's disease

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You have surely heard of penis extender devices and how good they can be at helping the penis to stretch out. Penis extender devices can be a godsend for men who do not want to go through surgery. Assuming that using this alternative works, it is also going to save a man a lot of money by not having to have an operation to fix Peyronie’s disease.

All you have to do is find a high quality penis extender device and use it a little more regularly then what might be recommended. Just be warned that no matter what, the end results still might not be what you expect. Your penis might get straighter, but it still might not be completely straight the way you want it to be. Depending on how well it looks you may or may not be able to except this.

There have been scientific studies done to see if using a penis extender device can actually work to help with Peyronie’s disease. These studies concluded that curvature was cured from anywhere between 60-90%. Of course the results are going to vary and a lot is going to depend on just how severe your Peyronie’s disease is.

The good news is this though, if you decide to use a penis extender device to help with your Peyronie’s disease you will be saving yourself from having to lose length from your penis.

If you have surgery done you would likely lose an inch or two. By giving a good penis extender a good try you can prevent this and the psychological damage it might cause. Speak with a professional about this option first if you are worried.

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