Male Enhancement Scams & How To Spot Fake Male Enhancement Products

Spot a Fake Product / Scam!Male enhancement scams are real, and many of these enhancer products have a bad reputation because of the large amount of spam that is circulated by the industry.

First thing’s first…

NEVER  respond to an unsolicited email!  The chances of those products not being up to quality standards is very high, and could in fact contain anything under the sun! (including potentially dangerous and untested / unregulated ingredients…)

These email spammers / fake male enhancement product manufacturers are invasive with their email methods and take a chance that you will click through to see what they have to offer.

Reputable providers will have a steady client base based on a successful track record, not through email solicitation.

male enhancement scams

When choosing the right kind of penis enhancement products, and trying to avoid male enhancement scams at all costs, make sure that you do some research first.  Read any past clients’ testimonials to see what they had to say, and whether the product worked out for them.

Some companies also post fake testimonials, or have friends write referrals for them. You will be able to gauge by the testimonials, whether they have been written by real and different people.

Be on the look-out for bogus ingredients and manufacturers that do not disclose what is in their products. Different studies have found all sorts of unsafe ingredients, pesticides, pollutants and bacteria in products that are not medically endorsed or scientifically grounded.

Always read the insert that accompanied your products to check if there are any allergens in the product.  If, after taking the product, you find any sort of adverse reaction or allergy you should stop immediately.

Make sure that, unless you obtain prescription medication, the product you purchase contains natural ingredients. These are generally the safest products to use without medical supervision. If you have any health problems whatsoever, you should ensure that you get prior approval from your doctor before going ahead with a new product.

This applies even if the product you have selected contains natural ingredients, as these can be equally potent and dangerous for people with pre-existing medical conditions. Clients with nerve sensitivity or diabetes should not use penis enhancement products without their doctor’s approval first.

Customers with extremely sensitive skin have, in very few cases, reported skin irritations when using penis enhancement patches, but the majority of customers are able to use them freely and without any problems.  Fake rip-off companies who participate in male enhancement scams don’t care about any of this, so be sure the company is reputable.

We only Review Reputable Companies

Luckily, we only review products from reputable male enhancement companies, to ensure you don’t get ripped off.

When trying to determine if a male enhancement product is a scam, make sure the products you select have a guarantee.  A lot of products will advertise a full refund concept, but overwrite it in the fine print somewhere on their marketing material.

Make sure you know where you stand before you make your purchase, and that you are protected if something goes wrong or the product does not work for you.

Make sure that you can return empty packaging for your refund and check what the safe period or cool down period is before you make your purchase.  Male enhancement scam sites generally try to make it difficult to get a refund, and give you a small window to do so.

NOTE: All of the companies who have products reviewed here on honor their guarantees.

shipping-packageAlways look for credible products that respect their customers’ need for discretion. If you want to impress a new lover, or if you are living with other people, the last thing you need is to receive a clearly marked package in the post.

Good products are shipped discreetly, so that no one, not even your spouse, will be able to tell what it is.

Also make sure that you can get your order shipped to you within a reasonable time frame. If you need immediate help it is no use ordering a product that will take months to get to you. Check if there are different shipping options, if your need is urgent.

Reputable products will offer an express service option as well. If time is not a problem for you, then look for a product that includes free delivery within its pricing structure, which can save you some money.

Always look to get the best value for your money. It is true that many top of the range products can be very expensive, but most manufacturers offer discounts on bulk orders and value-adds to help you get the most out of your purchase.

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