Ever Wonder if There’s a Simple “At Home Penis Enlargement” Workout Program That’s FREE? Well, Here Ya Go!

at home penis enlargementManual penile exercises have been practiced by men all around the globe.  Those who know about it do practice it regularly as it is meant to enhance the strength and flexibility of the male reproductive organ.

Some countries even have massage parlors that offer massages for the penis, as well. The muscles in the penile shaft are believed to deserve exercise as much as the rest of the body because it is a vital part of the human system.

Is it Safe to Stretch Your Penis?

If you are unsure if manipulating your organ is a safe activity, then you should know that it is safe as long as you follow the procedures properly and as long as you execute those procedures with finesse. You’d be shocked to know that penile stretching workouts would really help enlarge your sex organ.

It really is just like exercising your biceps or triceps. The penis is like a muscle, and muscles need training in order to be strong and lithe.

If you are at home and have taken an interest in penile stretching exercises, then you should know that you can work on stretching your junior right in the comfort of your bedroom or bathroom.  At home penis enlargement is something any man can do in complete privacy.

Stretching the Penis At Home to Achieve More Length Takes Time

Manually stretching your penis for a more elongated shape does take time and effort.You can immediately see the effects on the first try, but if you want to retain the new elasticity of your penis, then you should commit to exercising your penis once or twice daily.

Warm Up Your Penis Before Any Manual Stretching Exercises

If you really want to get the best out of an “at home penis enlargement” method, it’s wise to take it slow.   It would be best to have a warm-up session first.  Warm-ups involve eliciting semi erection of your penis.

More to it, warming up encourages more blood flow through the veins within your penile shaft. This will enable your penis to react more positively to the exercises. It is important to have a semi erect penis, because it is only then that the muscles will be activated.

You can warm up by exposing your penis to a towel soaked with warm water or bathing in a warm bath.

One of the entry-level penile exercises is the manual stretch. There are many iterations of this stretching method. The most basic of these is gripping your penis just an inch from the glans with your dominant hand.

The Motions

Standing in front of a mirror, you pull your penis outward and downward in a gentle manner until you feel the adequate stretch length. Hold that position for thirty seconds. After this, you repeat it, but instead pulling left, right, upwards and outwards in intermittent succession.

If you are comfortable with your performance, then you should prepare yourself for your next session the day after. Gradually, you should be able to increase your pull so that you’ll be able to effectively stretch the tissues of your penis with much efficacy.

You can do the exercise once or twice a day. Being in front of a mirror lets you have an ocular survey of your progress.  That’s what’s beautiful about at-home penis enlargement techniques!

The V-Stretch Penile Exercise

Another at-home penile exercising technique is the V-Stretch. This exercise lets you stretch the muscle fibers of the posterior area of your penis. You hold your glans and pull your penis outwards with the finger and thumb of your non-dominant hand while the thumb of your dominant hand pushes down on the top of your shaft from the rear end going forward and back slowly.

This makes a V shape with your penis. The muscles below will feel the pressure and they will stretch in accordance with the pressure placed by the thumb on top. Five-minute sessions daily should cover it.

The A-Stretch Penile Exercise

The A-Stretch is another home-based exercise technique that helps stretch the penis. It is the polar opposite of the V-Stretch as it exercises the muscles of the upper portion of the penis.

You hold your penis just below the glans with your dominant hand, while your non-dominant wrist is at the posterior section of your penis, just above the scrotal area. You raise your wrist so that pressure will be applied to your penis, thus activating the muscles in the anterior area. Sessions of five minutes a day should also do well.

If you want to enhance the length and size of your penis at home, then you should endeavor to train it daily, like a bodybuilder trains his arms and legs. It helps improve blood circulation and also increases esteem in a way that would benefit you greatly.

Jelqing Method for At Home Penis Enlargement

Jelqing is one of the most well known methods of at home penis enlargement, because its something any man can do in complete privacy and nearly complete silence.  (Perfect for while in the bathroom!)  We cover jelqing quite a bit here at SafePenisEnlargement.com, so without getting too much into detail here, below are some links to our other articles about jelqing for at-home penis enlargement.

1. Jelquing  – Penis Exercises the Safe Way

jelqing demonstration video (NSFW)

This one also has a video we found that is pretty accurate.  If you can’t afford to buy a full program at the moment like our highly recommended Penis Health Program, this video would make a great free alternative.

(just nowhere as in depth of course!)

2. How does Jelqing Work?

This one covers the basics about jelqing, such as what it is, and how it works.

Manual Stretching VS Penis Extender Traction Devices

vimax extender reviewWhile these manual stretches DO work, they can take some time.  If you want faster results, you can try a penis extender which you can discreetly wear under your clothes.

These penis extenders (AKA stretching devices) are actually pretty comfortable and lengthen your penis without any hand jelquing motions necessary.

We recommend SizeGenetics Extender if you want the most comfort, and can afford it.

And if you are on a budget, a really good option is the Vimax Penis Extender (Under $100!).

Either route you choose, both will work if you put in the time and effort.

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V-Stretch VS A-Stretch

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