Longinexx Male Enhancement Pills Review – Does Longinexx Really Work?

longinexxThe sexual enhancement market is a really competitive business nowadays especially with all the recall from the Food and Drugs Administration who are strict with their standards. A lot get cancelled out due to non-effectiveness while some others are taken out of the market due to the harmful side effects that befalls the users.

Dartford Kent Labs walks a thin line with their product which has been distributed to the general public promising the most effective sexual performance supplement for their consumers with the safest natural ingredients.

Many sexual enhancing supplements work by placebo effect and have no scientific guarantee of giving off an effect. However, Longinexx supplements are incorporated with some pretty potent ingredients which can actively stimulate the consumer’s sexual enhancement and libido.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean it comes without side effects…  Here are some active ingredients found in these pills:

Long Jack

The Long Jack plant otherwise known as the Malayan Ginseng so called because of its location of origin has been known to treat several erectile dysfunctions. Furthermore, the Long Jack plant has been studied as it can significantly increase testosterone levels and thereby increasing sperm count and motility as well as improves the quality of erection that one may have.  According to some literature, its action is targeted towards specific organs that releases hormones significant to the release of testosterone.

Cnidium Monnieri

Cnidium-MonnieriThe Cnidium Monnieri is a native Chinese plant which is traditionally used for lingering skin conditions and itching. However, when taken orally, it is known to cure infertility and erectile dysfunctions by increasing the production of testosterone which in turn increases sperm cell count in order to relieve a person’s impotency.

The problem with this ingredient is that it is too new, in that it hasn’t been studied enough to know about any side effects, and is one of the main reasons we think you should go with one of the more well known male enhancement pills with a longer history.

Such as: VigRX Plus or Vimax Pills.


Butea Superba

The Butea Superba or the Butean Rubber Tree is a vine which originated in Thailand that enhances sexual vigor and youthful energies according to those who have used it. Although medically, there are no scientific claims as to its primary mechanism of action, however, it is theorized that the plant has influences on key hormones that regulate sexual appetite and libido.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris or otherwise known as the Bindii is widely distributed all around the world but is mostly found in the Mediterranean. Its fruit, leaves and roots are used widely in the field of medicine for the treatment of a variety of diseases. Furthermore, it is said to increase a person’s stamina as it effectively enhance athletic performance. This has been theorized to have something to do with enhanced blood regulation thus promoting increased oxygen delivery and can also beneficial for sexual performance and stamina as it increases a person’s erection and energy while they are in action.

Contains Yohimbe – Not Necessarily a good thing…

From the plains of Central Africa comes Yohimbe, a tree which contains the chemical compound yohimbine from which the name of the chemical was derived. This natural ingredient has effects directed towards a person’s central nervous system and thus provides a stimulant-like feeling as well as an increase in blood flow, which can help somewhat with erections.

redxIt can also be consumed by women as it gives added excitement and stimulation to their vagina.  It is also used for a variety of health disorders such as chest pains, exhaustion and weight loss.

Yohimbe does come with some side effects, such as skin flushing, rash, agitation, anxiety, insomnia, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, increased urination, headache, nausea, and vomiting.

Yohimbe is one ingredient we usually do not like seeing in male enhancement supplements due to these side effects…

The components that make up the Longinexx supplement are derived from different types of herbs from different locations all around the world. It is a great presentation of how nature works together to provide people with the best sexual performing drug. Apart from increased sexual performance and stamina, here are the advantages of taking Longinexx:

Erection Size

The components of the Longinexx supplement are designed to provide an increase in blood flow as well as to make sure that testosterone levels are high enough so that it can increase a person’s blood supply. An increase in blood makes blood rush easy down to the penis and thus promoting its length and consistency with prolonged use. This is advantageous as it is a natural method to increase penile length.

Corrects Impotency

Testosterone is the main component that aids in the formation of sperm cells. This is because testosterone is the main nutrient source of sperms and is essential to their formation. This being said, the more testosterone a person has, the more viable the person’s sperm is and thus reducing infertility among males.

Lessens the Risk of Heart Failures

Most of the components of the supplement also serves as blood thinners thereby reducing the risk of myocardial infractions. This is quite advantageous as the supplement not only serves to increase sexual excitement and libido but also provides the best prophylactic treatment for heart problems such as infarctions and arteroscleroses.

“Not” All Ingredients are Proven Safe…

The ingredients that are incorporated within the supplements are natural and FDA approved that is to say that these ingredients are mostly derived from nature. Side effects may arise from increased dosage but are often minimal because of the natural ingredients that are incorporated within the drug.  As mentioned above, yohimbe and Cnidium Monnier are 2 ingredients that may cause some side effects, so we suggest you discuss taking Longinexx and it’s ingredients with your doctor before attempting these pills.

Non Addictive

There are no cases of drug dependency over the users of Longinexx. Furthermore, the natural ingredients of the product and its authentication from the Food and Drug Administration stands as credibility to the drug’s safety of consumption among those who wish to have enhanced sexual performance.

Nature has always provided health producers with the best medicine and Longinexx is a living testimony to nature’s promise as it provides the best sexually enhancement drug straight from the roots of nature itself. Dartford Kent Labs has devised the best way in order to harness the power of nature and bring it to their consumers so that they would have increased sexual stamina and energy to help them satisfy their partner and to keep their penis healthy. Longinexx is the drug that gives people the strength of nature packed within every pill.

Our Final Verdict on Longinexx?

We think Longinexx is not the best choice for male enhancement, as there is not enough information to go on, and some of the ingredients are not 100% proven to be safe.  Use at your own risk!

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