Does Zyrexin Really Work, And Will It Increase My Penis Size?

Zyrexin Penis Enlargement PillsToday is a world of pharmaceutical advancements which gave rise to a lot of supplements that can evolve the human body’s performance. This is what gave rise to medications and supplements that target the most intimate part of humans: sex drive.

Many sexual enhancement supplements come and go, and us guys prefer a supplement that is tested and proven by time to be effective.

In this Zyrexin review, we will cover the benefits as well as negatives of this male enhancer.

Zyrexin claims to be the “world’s strongest sexual enhancer” and also claims to be the most potent male enhancement supplement in the market.  While its active ingredients are derived from nature, and are generally safe for MOST people, it does have some negatives to be aware of.   And that’s what we hope to share with you in this review.

What Ingredients are in Zyrexin, Are They Safe?, and What Effects Do They Have?

Butea Superba

The butea superba is a chemically patented ingredient of Superbalife and is derived from the Butean rubber tree in Thailand. Its action on the human body remains a mystery, but the laboratories have seen significant effects of the plant among the body hormones and stimulate the secretion of testosterone thus promoting an individual’s sexual libido and appetite. Testosterone also plays a key role in promoting sperm count and preventing infertility among the male population.

Cnidium Monnieri

Cnidium-MonnieriFrom the plains of China comes Cnidium Monnieri, a plant which is naturally applied to the skin in order to prevent itchiness and other dermal problems. However, apart from this, there have been studies conducted which show that Cnidium Monnieri, when ingested orally can have significant effects in a person’s sexual libido.

It is also noted that the plant can increase testosterone levels as well as corrects fertility as it is used widely in traditional Chinese Medicine as treatment for impotency and infertility among the population of males.

Cnidium Monnieri hasn’t been studied enough to know about any side effects, and is one of the main reasons we think you should go with one of the more well known male enhancement pills with a longer history.

Such as: VigRX Plus or Vimax Pills.

Yohimbe Extract (Unfortunately… NOT One of the Best Ingredients for a Male Enhancer…)

redxCentral Africa is well known because of its vast lands filled with nature’s finest reserves of flora and fauna and among these is the Yohimbe plant which contains the chemical compound yohimbine. The Yohimbe plant is widely used in a lot of sexual enhancement pills, however, what’s unique about this compound is that it targets the person’s central nervous system projecting neurotransmitters that promote sexual excitement and libido.

Furthermore, the benefits of this plant also extends to women as ingesting its extract can also cure any vaginal problems and increases its stimulation and also serves as remedy for a variety of diseases such as chest pain, weight loss and exhaustion.

It doesn’t come without side effects however.  Yohimbe can cause skin flushing, rashes, mood agitation, faster heartbeat, frequent urination, headachew, nausea, anxiety, insomnia, dizziness and even vomiting.  We generally don’t recommend products that contain yohimbe for male enhancement.  If you have heart problems, then you’ll definitely want to avoid this supplement.

Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed)

This plant is one of the most common plants that are incorporated in a lot of sexual enhancement supplements and enhances sexual performance and increases blood flow and testosterone levels within the whole systemic circulation while at the same time promoting wakefulness.

The active substances that are incorporated in the supplements are clearly very effective and does not work solely on placebo effect, that is to say that it works on scientific principles which are performed and experimented in the lab.

These natural ingredients do not have side effects and are also approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Apart from these, here are some of the advantages and benefits that one can have when they use the product:

Will Zyrexin Decrease Chances of Infertility and Impotency?

Potency and sterility are two things that are of major concern for the male population. This may arise from different factors but the most common is because of physiological causes which arise from a decrease in sperm cell count.

The substances incorporated in Zyrexin are designed to increase testosterone levels thereby increasing the chances of a person producing more sperm.  As a result, this may correct infertility due to lack of nutrition because testosterone is one of the main nutrients in sperm formation and is vital its formation and growth inside of the testes.

Does Zyrexin Increase Penis Length and Size?

penis length exampleShort answer… Not really.  Length and size are two important factors that affect a person’s sexual performance. This is  because the bigger the size, the lesser the effort required in order for people to exert in to satisfy their partners.

Zyrexin promises to enhance the formation of blood vessels that are necessary to stimulate penile growth.  User feedback suggests that while it does seem to somewhat increase blood flow to the penile area, it isn’t as great as the claims that are being made.

Natural Ingredients

The natural ingredients incorporated within the supplement are not only for stimulating increased sexual activity as it has a lot of properties that are beneficial to health primarily in the regulation of hormones. This in turn enhances overall health as it promotes blood flow and other hormone regulatory processes.  Just remember, that it contains yohimbe and may cause some noticeable side effects in its users.

Will it Boost Stamina and Energy?

Hormones are the key ingredients to the stimulation of essential components that constitutes to the release of chemical compounds that are vital to energy. Increase in blood flow means increased oxygen supply which in turn lessens fatigue and increases energetic compounds such as Adenosine Triphosphate which in turn increases the energy supply.

Zyrexin does not seem to exhibit any dependency issues, meaning that it is not addictive to those who use it for prolonged periods of time. The constituents are approved by the Food and Drug Administration which means that it is safe for most consumers.

Our Final Conclusion on Zyrexin?

In choosing the best type of male enhancer, one needs to be careful and weigh all options before making a decision.  We found Zyrexin to be a mediocre male enhancement supplement at best, and suggest you look elsewhere if you’re looking for an increase in size and performance.

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