Does Libido-Max Actually Work? Here’s Our Review of Libido Max Pills

Libido Max Pills ReviewedApart from the act alone, libido plays an important role for couples in the bedroom area. It is the chemistry that gives people the spark whenever they have sex and hence is an important factor in keeping the spice in the act itself.

However, in most cases, libido is not usually achieved because of factors such as: underconfidence due to penile size and erection, declined intimacy of both factors and stress and may cause serious consequences such as erectile dysfunction and in worst cases: infertility.

In order to treat this, one may opt to use supplements such as Libido Max in order to make sure that their libido remains heightened and to prevent these unfavourable conditions.

Libido Max is synthesized from both synthetic materials as well as products from nature. It works by a three step mechanism.

According to the makers of Libido-Max, the first step directly influences libido as its active ingredients make their magic.  Let’s break-down the ingredient profile in these pills, and look at some of the components that act on increasing libido and how they contribute to this vital process:


The epimedium plant or otherwise called as the Horny Goat weed that hails from Asian countries its name was taken when farmers observed how the goats were sexually aroused as they ate these plants and was later adapted and incorporated in a lot of sexually enhancing supplements. Furthermore, the Horny Goat Weed acts as a potent aphrodisiac for

Tribulus Extract

One of the most curious ingredients incorporated within the drug is the tribulus extract which is derived from a plant located in warm and tropical regions of Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia targets a person’s hormone system in creating testosterone in the anterior pituitary gland. It stimulates the release of testosterone by increasing hormones that are responsible for producing them such as the luteinizing factor and the follicle stimulating hormone. An increase in testosterone would provide the body with the sexual libido and added sexual enhancement and performance that they need in order to keep their partner satisfied.

Yohimbe Extract (Unfortunately it contains yohimbe which has many known side effects)

redxIn the wild plains of Africa hails an abundant supply of Yohimbe which acts as a potent aphrodisiac by binding to the Central Nervous System. In higher concentrations, the extract may have harmful side effects, but further mastery has given it mild effects as it stimulates sexual appetite for both male and female as it sensitizes their gonads and sexual organs which in turn heightens their excitement and sexual libido.

Doses of Yohimbe need to be regulated in order to avoid toxic effects on the consumer.

Some side effects of Yohimbe are as follows:

  • agitation
  • dizziness
  • insomnia
  • frequent urination
  • skin flushing
  • anxiety
  • rapid heartbeat
  • headaches
  • nausea & vomiting

We honestly do not like to see Yohimbe as an ingredient in male enhancement pills, as the risks outweigh the benefits in our opinion.  this is especially true in cases where heart problems are present.  If this is the case, you should 100% stay away from supplements containing yohimbe!  It’s highly recommended that you consult your doctor before using any supplements that have yohimbe as one of the ingredients.  Use at your own risk!


L-arginine is a vital component in the sexual enhancement pills, it is a naturally synthesized amino acid in the body that when metabolized, is converted into nitric oxide. Furthermore, this amino acid is efficient in increasing growth hormones which may aid in the formation and growth of some muscle tissue processes and thus providing people with greater body mass.

The second process involves the increase of blood flow which involves the use of L-arginine which is, as discussed earlier, a potent vasodilator that efficiently promotes the rush of blood within the organs. It is further increased by the action of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide.

The third and final process involves the boost in a person’s stamina and energy so as to make sure that they are not fatigued in having sex with their partner. This involves an array of natural ingredients which are safe and derived from nature.

Will Libido-Max Help You Last longer in Bed? (Sexual Stamiuna)

The following ingredients are ones that have to do with timing and orgasm control:

Maca Root Powder

High up in the mountains of Peru come the Peruvian Ginseng or otherwise known as the Maca root powder. The Maca plant’s powder provides the most potent stimulator of testosterone and in the process, ensures an increase in the person’s overall performance as testosterone stimulates increased blood stimulation thereby lessening the chances of fatigue as it effectively delivers oxygen.

Ashwagandha Powder

The fabled Indian ginseng has a lot of medicinal benefits as it helps in the treatment of arthritis and other types of diseases. Although its medical benefits have not gained recognition yet, the plant has been used in traditional Eastern medicine as it helps in lowering blood pressure by the dilation of the blood vessels and thus increasing the overall blood rush in the body promoting oxygen delivery in tissues to prevent fatigue.


This chemical compound which is a derivative of the amino acid glycine can be readily manufactured by our body and may be acquired from beans and liver and has been used in order to treat a variety of disorders such as ADHD, improve the immune system and lowering blood cholesterol bringing them to normal range.

In the supplement however, its stress relieving properties are being used as it helps in combating with the possible stress that one may feel when having sex. As a result, the consumer may experience an alleviating experience as it keeps them invigorated when having sex.

What Else are Libido-Max Pills Supposed to Help With?

The Libido Max also presents a lot of benefits for consumers, here are some of the advantages that one may get in consuming Libido Max apart from the added sexual performance and libido:

Increase in Penis Size

With the formation of blood vessels and increase in blood rush, several blood cells rush into tissues such as the penile muscles in order to facilitate its growth by providing added nutrients to them. This results in a thicker erection, however the size gains aren’t all that impressive.  The main benefit of these pills is to aid in sexual function, not penis size gains.

Prevents Infertility

An inadequate sperm count may lead to male infertility which is why it is necessary to increase the nutrients to supply the sperm cells. This is made possible by the increase in testosterone in order to stimulate increased sperm production.

Its natural ingredients also stimulate the growth of some muscle tissues which in turn stimulates muscle hyperplasia or an increase in mass of these selected tissues.

Is Libido-Max Safe to Use?

The components of the drug are highly natural with a little bit of synthetics in order to stabilize and control its effects to a dosage where it is supposedly safe to consume.  While these pills are non addictive and don’t present any dependency problems for the consumers, the fact that it is not made up of all natural ingredients makes us question the true safety of this product.

Not to mention the inclusion of yohimbe, which we recommend you avoid at all costs.   This is definitely one of those supplements that should be taken under the supervision of a doctor, and not taken without taking the necessary precautions.

Should I Buy Libido-Max?

To be completely honest here, We think you’d be better off with another male enhancement solution.

Better options are available if you are looking to reach your male enhancement goals.  Not to mention, ones that don’t come with the added side effects.  To see our top recommendations for effective male enhancement pills, click the link below.

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