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Do NOT use Dry Air Penis Pumps

Penis Pumps- Why You Should Stay Away!!!

Well, actually…  There are 2 main types of penis pumps on the market.  There are “Dry Air Pumps” and “Water-based Pumps”.  The “Dry Air Pumps” are the ones you should stay far away from, as they can be very dangerous.

These penis pumps are also known as Vacuum Constriction Devices (VCDs) and have been used to treat conditions like impotence and erectile dysfunction for many years.

Studies carried out on dry penis pumps have found some severe side effects and indicate that they are, in fact, unsafe devices. We do not promote the use of dry air penis pumps as there are much more effective and much safer ways to increase the size of your penis.

We Only Recommend Water-Based Penis Enlargement Pumps

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Our recommend methods of penis enhancement include: water-based penis pumps, penis enhancement pills, penis patches, penis extenders, creams and oils, and penis enlarging exercises. We have found the best results to come from a combined effort of these methods, rather than even experimenting with a dry air vacuum penis pump.

What Is A Penis Pump?

Penis PumpsA penis pump is made up of a cylinder and pump which fits onto one end of the penis. There is a ring or rubber band on the other end of the cylinder, to keep the penis erect after you have finished pumping.  Some penis pumps are battery-operated, while others rely on manual stimulation.

The device creates a vacuum through the pumping which forces blood into the shaft of the penis. After you have got an erection you should remove the band; some people find it useful to use a lubricant for this. You then release the vacuum and remove the pump.

If you want to prolong your erection, or if you are worried about losing it, you can leave the constriction band on. If you decide to remove it you should be careful to release the vacuum quickly to prevent injury or skin irritation.

Penis pumps are commonly used by men who have diabetes or blood circulation problems as a temporary solution to getting an erection. The erection usually lasts for half an hour.

What Are The Dangers Of Using Dry Air Penis Pumps?

Because penis pumps have been used for so long, their use has been studied quite extensively. The facts seem to show it as a dangerous device that you should be extremely careful of, even though it is sold in many adult stores.

  • It causes an ‘unnatural’ erection. Many men complain that the erection doesn’t feel the way it should. Often the base of the penis Is not firm enough when the erections is induced by a penis pump.
  • It can cause small red dots on the penis. This is bleeding under the skin and not great if part of the reason behind trying to increase the size of your penis was for visual appeal.
  • It can cause numbness, discoloration and the penis to feel cold because of the band. Not great if you want to feel good during sex.
  • You might need to shave your pubic hair to get a good grip on the base of your penis.
  • Man men who started using it started to feel a dependence on it. Erections become difficult to achieve naturally once you start becoming accustomed to using a penis pump.
  • Men who used a penis pump too rigorously or too often reported burst blood vessels and blisters.
  • Using a penis pump continually with the constriction band cuts off blood supply. Extensive use can cause damage to the penile tissues and bouts of temporary impotence.
  • It can cause difficulty with ejaculation or delayed ejaculation

Is Anyone At A Higher Risk When Using A Penis Pump?

Penis pumps should not be used at all by people who have sickle cell anemia or blood clotting disorders.  Men who are taking blood thinning medication should also be careful it is can cause bleeding.  If you do have to use one for any reason you should be careful not to use it too fast.

If you want to naturally enlarge your penis (the safest way), we highly recommend using the combination of a penis extender or a water-based penis pump along with male enhancement pills together.

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