What Are Some Things You Should Never Say To Your Partner During Sex / Pillow Talk?

In the heat of sex we all have likely said something we wish we could take back.  Some of us have made comments about our partners sexual performance that we though was harmless, while others have said things that were not meant to be said, but were simply said in the heat of the moment.

In any case, when these awkward things are said it can be hard to come up with a way to explain them.

Even though they might have been said at a time where you were considered vulnerable, your partner will still not appreciate it.

Here is a quick list of the lines you should make sure you do not utter in the bedroom during pillow talk, no matter what.

 1) “Have you ever wondered how you would look like if your breasts were a little bit bigger?”

never say during sex

Even though this might seem like a harmless statement to make, it tells the women that you are not satisfied with the way she looks.

You are making her feel insecure with her body and this is the last thing women want in the bedroom.  Women already have all sorts of body issues, so how do you think they will feel when they unveil themselves and their partner tells them that what they have is not good enough?

Not the best idea if  you ask me….

This isn’t strictly limited to “bigger breasts” either, but just the general idea of commenting on a woman’s body part or looks in general.

Just think about how you would feel if she were to reply with “have you ever wondered how much better in bed you would be if your penis was bigger?

2) “You should maybe try changing THIS about yourself” (weight etc..)

Making any sort of reference to someones weight, looks, or actions in a way that is meant to playful, can actually inadvertently be making fun of them in their mind.

The person who makes a statement about the size of their partner might not think much about it, but in many cases they are doing something that will have a deep psychological affect on the other pers


No one wants to be judged in a somewhat negative way,  even if it was meant to be done in a playful way.  Even if this was going to be an issue, there is a time and place to bring it up, and the bedroom is definitely not it!

Especially during (or right after) making love when someone is in their most vulnerable position.

3) “What’s up with your underwear?” / Making any type of statements or remarks about the type of underwear your partner wears.

People wear all types of weird underwear, it really should not matter to you as a man especially.

After all, you will not be making love to her underwear.  If you feel as if they are weird or that she owns a million pairs then take it with a grain of salt.  If you know what to say and the right way to say it you might be able to get away with playfully teasing her about it so that she knows you are not being critical.

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4) “Why are you doing it like that?” / Saying anything that entails a person does not know what they are doing in the bedroom.

This comes back to judging their bedroom actions (or how they perform while having sex).  Have you ever told a partner that they should watch porn if they want to be able to satisfy you the right way? (Not a smooth move my guy! Not smooth at all!)

What do you think this does to someone psychologically? 

woman brain sexual thoughtsIt makes them feel as if you are not satisfied and that they are not good in bed.  Even if it might be true, once again it is important for you to know how to bring this up without making it sound so bad, and especially not during the intimate moment of having sex.

You need to know the right words and when to bring it up.

The goal here is to make the other person not feel insecure about themselves. Awkward things will continue to get said in the bedroom, now and in the future.

But you must remember that even though this is the case, you do not want to end up saying something that will not only kill the mood, but also kill your relationship.

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