When It Comes To Orgasms a lot Of People Believe In Strange Things: Here Are 7 Crazy (Yet Common) Orgasm Myths …

Orgasms are one of the greatest joys in life, but a lot of people have developed preconceived ideas about orgasms, which have added a lot of confusion to the mix.

In this article we are going to discuss a few of those preconceived ideas / common orgasm myths in order to clear up any confusion. I’m pretty sure you have heard of most of these, but many of them are untrue, or at best would only apply to very specific people.

Orgasm MythsOrgasm Myths #1:  All Orgasms end in Ejaculation…

One of the preconceived ideas is that whenever someone has an orgasm that ejaculation is going to follow.

This goes for both men and women, sometimes people can have orgasms without ejaculating at all.  While it is very uncommon in men, this is especially true for women, who are known to have orgasms without excreting any sort of fluid.  An orgasm for a woman is simply a full body reaction; there are no set fluids that are guaranteed to be released.

Orgasm Myth #2:  Men Can’t fake Orgasms… (& Anorgasmia)

Some people also believe that orgasms cannot be faked by men, this is untrue as well.  Some men suffer from a condition known as anorgasmia.  This is a condition that makes it hard for them to have an orgasm no matter how much sexual stimulation they receive.

But many men do confront this problem, because their ability to enjoy a regular sex life is dependent on it.  Luckily there are now options for treating male anorgasmia as detailed in this 2012 Harvard study.

Orgasm Myths #3:  Uncircumcised Men Have More Intense (Or less intense) Orgasms…

Some people believe that men who are circumcised have either less intense orgasms or more intense orgasms.  In many cases men who have had their foreskin removed will indeed have to have more stimulation before they are able to reach orgasm.  This is usually because various nerves have been removed which will not be stimulated during the act, as it will with uncircumcised men.

Orgasm Myths #4: Sexual Positions Don’t Matter for Men to Achieve an Orgasm…

The sexual position that a man is in when he is about to orgasm is also important.  But for some reason people believe that it isn’t.  Just as with women, it is important for men to be in a certain position in order to have a good orgasm.  This is especially the case seeing as how many men are visual creatures and they want to be able to see their partners while they are engaging in sex.

The myth that orgasms can be more easily obtained through oral sex than penetration only applies to a certain few.  Granted there have been studies done which show that for some women they are only able to reach orgasm if they receive oral stimulation.

But this only applies to a few, and will usually apply to the personal preferences of the people involved.  In fact, in a large number of cases, it can actually be much harder for a man to achieve an orgasm through oral sex as compared to vaginal intercourse. (And some men simply can’t ejaculate at all via oral stimulation believe it or not!)

Orgasm Myths #5: While Engaging in Sex with a Woman, You ‘Always’ Need to Please Her First…

When people are engaged in sex, both people will not always walk away satisfied. Sometimes one person may have an orgasm and the other person will not have an orgasm. This is why you will hear a lot that it is important for a man to please a woman first as opposed to the other way around.

Women are not built like men, and they are able to have an orgasm over and over again. With men once they have an orgasm they usually require a little bit of time in order to go at it again.

Orgasm Myths #6: Men ‘Always’ Have a Powerful Orgasm Every Single Time!

Men also could suffer from very weak orgasms; the prevailing myth is that every time a man has an ejaculation that it should be intense.  The overall health of the man will have a lot to do with whether or not it is an intense orgasm.

Many things can affect the intensity of a man’s orgasm, such as masturbation and the overall health of his genital area.  Women should never assume that just because men cum nearly every time, that the man is actually having an intense orgasm.

Orgasm Myths #7: A Woman’s Orgasm is 100% Dependent on the Man to Satisfy Her!

woman man sexThe last prevailing preconceived notion about sex is that a woman’s ability to have an orgasm will be completely dependent upon a man’s ability to satisfy her.  This is not true either; sometimes many women know exactly what it will take in order for them to reach an orgasm.

(Although many times they will be too shy to ask, especially of its a new relationship or new sex partner).

As long as any given man is able or willing to perform these functions they will not have any problem reaching an orgasm.

Some women also do have a more difficult time orgasm than others, and no matter how good the man is, or how big his penis is, she may still not be able to have an orgasm.

Vaginal Orgasms Don’t Exist?

Also, its been said that the vaginal orgasm doesn’t exist!  Say what?  Well according to this article, vaginal orgasms may be a work of fiction.   But anyways..

It is a good idea for you to clear up any preconceived notions you have about orgasms and how they work.   Being able to clear up your preconceived notions will actually help you to become a better lover.

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