How Antidepressants Affect Your Sex Drive

sex-antidepressantsResearchers have documented that the most common reason for disability in Americans aged 15-44 is depression. It is a disease that is not something to be merely scoffed at. Rather, it is a disease that should be treated with utmost care and consideration.

Depression is not just the normal feeling blue kind of emotion. It is an illness that attacks right where it matters most in man, which is in his brain.

Depression is a disorder that affects the brain chemistry of a person and is brought about by a wide range of factors.

It can be caused by something as horrific as a life-changing traumatic experience, as foolish as substance dependence, or as simple as a change in the hormonal level of an individual.

The incredibly wide range of reasons that cause a person to suffer depression makes the illness also remarkably common. Studies show that 1 out of 5 people suffer from depression at one time or another in his or her life.

Even more so, this fearsome disease does not discriminate. It affects everyone regardless of ethnicity, religious belief, education, social status, or motivations and aspirations in life. It can affect anyone at any place and at any time.

Despite the majority of people suffering from this illness at one time or another, few really go out of their way to have the disease treated. Luckily, doctors are now better equipped than ever to educate people about this illness and provide the correct treatment for the suffering.

A big part of treating depression is the intake of what scientists and doctors call anti-depressants. As the name suggests, it is medication designed to help an individual conquer his or her depressive feelings.

However, taking anti-depressants present another set of problems with libido taking one of the first and major hits in this treatment.

Antidepressants in action

The chemical imbalance or, specifically, the neurotransmitters in the brain cause depression. It is the job of the anti-depressants to correct the chemical imbalance so the person can combat depression.

ProzacThe two most common antidepressants on the market are the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or the SSRI’s and the tricyclic. Both of them try to maintain better communication and interaction between the nerve cells and increase a person’s ability to battle hopelessness or sadness.

All things being equal, doctors tend to favor SSRI’s since they are considered to have the least side effects. For this reason, SSRIs like Proxac and Zoloft could be easily found in many medicine cabinets in countless homes.

Meanwhile, Tricyclic anti-depressants affect not just the serotonin balance, but also include norepinephrine as well. Tofranil is one of the more popular tricyclic anti-depressants available.

There are other groups of anti-depressants on the market which are for really deep depressions and with far more sexual and other side effects as part of the package. Most of these are only prescribed if or when the usual anti-depressants fail to do their job.

How antidepressants affect the sex drive

Just as it is unclear as to how exactly depression starts or its exact reasons for happening, the effect of anti-depressants to the libido of both men and women is not also explained in black and white by scientists and researchers.

What is clear, though, is that the tinkering of the neurotransmitters like serotonin to regulate the mood of the person causes the drop in the sexual drive of a person.

Studies show that 8 out of 10 people who take anti-depressants suffer a decrease in their sexual desires. They also undergo some sexual dysfunction like impotence, inability to climax, orgasms of less intensity, and lack of lubrication for the women. In some cases, the prospect of having sex is so diminished, they hardly even consider having it.

Later versions of the study also provide new data that SSRI’s and the tricyclic anti-depressants or TCA do not merely cause a dive in the sexual drive of persons.

They alarmingly cause a decline in personal closeness with their husbands, wives, or lovers. In this same study, data show that SSRIs and TCAs affect the subjects based on gender. SSRIs affect the males most while it is the TCAs for the females.

What to do

The decline in sexual drives may be a very good reason to get off medication. However, persons taking anti-depressants should never give in to the temptation. Treating the depression is the highest consideration while the sexual side effects can be dealt at a later time.

Besides, the ability to look forward to some bodily pleasure will be dented by the depression itself.

· Patience is a Virtue. After a couple of months, the body should be able to adjust to the medication. In most cases, the sexual vigor will return.

· Timing. One can always try to take medication after sex to so as not to endanger the sex desire.

· Consult the doctor. If after months, the sexual drive has not yet improved, looking at other options like a different anti-depressant or changing of the dosage might be in order.

Above all, actively seek help or advice from persons closest to you or your doctor to make everything as bearable and as easy as possible.   Adding a natural male enhancer like VigRX Plus or Vimax Pills can also get you back on track.  You can see our list of recommended sexual enhancers by clicking here.

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