Are You Having A Hard Time Maintaining Your Orgasm Control When Having Sex?

Orgasm Control Problem in MenHave you ever been engaged in the act of making love but then found that you reached your climax way to quickly? There are a lot of men who suffer through this and it can be one of the most humiliating things you can go through. You want to be able to enjoy sex without fearing you are not going to be able to satisfy your partner.

A lot of couples in this country site this as being a serious problem in their relationship and it usually leads to all sorts of other problems that can easily be avoided.

There are any number of different factors that can explain why a man may be having an orgasm too quickly. It is already a well-known fact that many men are built to orgasm much quicker then women are, hence the saying that men are like microwaves and women are like ovens.

Men take only a few minutes in order to reach their orgasm if this is what they want.

Women take several minutes, anywhere between ten or fourteen to reach that point. But one of the primary reasons why a lot of men have a hard time holding back is because of mental reasons.

Most of the time it can be guilt or it can be intense stress they are experiencing at work. They can also have any other number of fears, which are causing them to orgasm way to quickly. But the orgasm can be controlled and men who have a lot of experience with sex know that they can hold back, now younger men need to learn how to do the same thing.

One way they can learn to control their orgasm would be to exercise certain muscles in the penis, such as the PC muscle. This is one of the strongest parts of the penis and it is known to contribute to ejaculation.

If you were to learn how to strengthen this muscle then you would be able to control your orgasm much better and last longer. You will also be able to have a bigger erection that would last longer and lead to a stronger orgasm.

The Infamous “PC Muscle”

pc_muscleThe PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) is neatly tucked away between your anus and your scrotum, many men do not know this but it is easy to work it out. You can try simply contracting it a few times daily and it will become stronger. You can do this for short intervals throughout the day or whenever it suited you.

Doing these exercises (also known as male kegels) does not have to feel weird. Just do them privately and make sure you do it consistently if you want to see results.

If you make it a goal of your to make it into a routine then you will have a much easier time sticking to it.

You can try practicing your orgasm control on your partner the next time you make love. You can learn how to relax and control your excitement in order to last longer.

After a while this will become something you do not even think about and you will be able to last for a really long time. This way you will be able to make love to a woman anyway she likes it.

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