Want To Know How To Spice Things Up Before Sex?

spice-up-bedroomForeplay is a very important part of any sexual experience, and if the foreplay isn’t good chances are the actual sex will not be good either. Sexual intercourse plays a very large role in helping both the man and the woman get ready for sex.

But it has been known to help a woman get into the mood more than a man because it takes a woman much longer to become sexually aroused.

In some cases there are men who require a lot of foreplay in order to get in the mood, but for men they’re able to get turned on very easily especially if they have the right visual in front of them. Women on the other hand require a little bit more in order to get them going.

And this is where things can get a little bit tricky. Here are a few things, which can be done in order to help out in the area of foreplay for a man and a woman.

Foreplay when it comes to a man.

Men are very attracted to visuals, so if they see a woman who is dressed very sexy or in appealing clothes chances are very high that they will be turned on. More men are stimulated by visuals than almost any other form of stimulation.

But some men require a little bit more than that, they will want a woman to get them in the mood visually first and then touch them very lightly in various areas of his body. Slightly and slowly kissing a man with soft lips will often get a man in the mood.

Some men like women who are very aggressive in the bedroom, the more aggressive the woman is the more turned on a man might get. A lot of men see a woman being aggressive as a sign of strong sexual desire. Any man cannot help but to be turned on by such a sexually aggressive woman.

Some men like to be touched in a certain way or a certain place in order to get their juices going. Some men really like getting sensual massages and other sensual things done to them. If you feel that this is something you can do then I am sure your man will appreciate it. A woman’s ability to get her man sexually excited and then stop him from reaching that high point is important. Often times a woman can drive a man crazy if she is able to bring him to his peak and then slow it down.

What women require for foreplay.

foreplay-bedroom-sexIn order for a man to have success penetrating a woman it is very important for him to get her excited. If a woman does not get sexually excited she will not be lubricated enough in order for the experience to be comfortable.

It will require direct sexual stimulation to her private parts in order to get her into the mood, followed by sensual touches. Men can also do a lot to help their cause if they are able to show intense desire for the woman. Nothing makes a woman crazier than knowing that she is intensely desire by her spouse.

It is important for you to let your spouse know that you share some sort of bond. It has been said a lot that women respond to emotional stimulation more than anything.

So if a woman feels as if you do not like her chances are it will be very hard for her to engage in sex with you.

Women also require high levels of intimacy, and sometimes being intimate doesn’t have to do with any type of sexual intercourse. All you have to do is talk to your woman and let her know that she has all of your attention.

When she knows that she has your attention there will be a much better chance of her opening up to you emotionally and sexually.

Close Personal Contact (Sensual Touching)

Close personal contact is also important in order for women to get in the mood. But usually the contact doesn’t have to be purely sexual. It can be a very light unassuming touch in a certain spot. It can even be a passionate warm embrace. In any case slightly touching a woman works very well to get her in the mood.

But for the earliest part of a woman’s life all they do is kiss. So it would only make sense that when they are adults they will still hold kissing very important. You must be able to kiss a woman in a passionate and intense way. There are certain women who do not like it and they will usually give you signs of this by not opening up and reciprocating.

In any case if she doesn’t like kissing there are other things you can do to get her in the mood. You can do things such as touching certain parts of her body or simply kissing other areas of her body in order to get her juices flowing. Sometimes if you do this in a very slow and sensual manner it will be easier for you to get her in the mood.

Whatever you do take your time and enjoy the experience. There doesn’t have to be any type of rush for you to get to the real thing. Sometimes if you know what you are doing and both of you are into it, foreplay can be even more exciting than the sex itself. Be willing to do anything it takes to get in the mood and to get your partner in the mood.

As long as both of you are willing to explore new and different things in the bedroom then there is no reason why the both of you can’t get the most out of foreplay, and always turn on your partner right from the start.

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