How to See Through the Smoke of Fake Male Enhancement Reviews on Amazon

fake amazon reviewsOne recent study shows that close to 68% of people rely on online surveys to help them choose the best and the correct options about numerous products.

Additionally, more than 92% of online searches are influenced by positive reviews about a certain product.

If taken into account the discrete nature of male enhancement product inquiries, then there is a very big chance that the percentages will grow higher compared to choosing cosmetics, shoes, bags, mobile phones, and even regular medicine.


Online shopping, by nature, is a risky activity. But since most people prefer the convenience and ease of doing online shopping, hundreds of people face the daunting task of getting it right every time they make a purchase.

While it is so easy, despite being inconvenient and hassle, to return an item that is not as expected or has defective parts like a (bogus penis extender), it is an entirely different matter when it comes to male enhancement products. Simply put, the risks with these male penis boosters are incredibly so much higher than a lipstick, for instance.

The sale and proliferation of drugs are under the auspices of the Federal Drug Authority.  Although one can be fairly certain that a certain male enhancement product is safe to use, one can never be too confident in buying one without some sort of collective response from people who have actually tried and tested them.  Thus, the risk of getting duped by fake male enhancement reviews should be eliminated.

Filtering Fake Amazon Reviews

Amazon has in place a system which notes a reviewer if the individual had actually bought the concerned item. This is actually a very nice method of trying to filter fake male enhancement reviews as more or less the reviewer at least knows something about the product. If, indeed, the reviewer is just a regular guy making his sentiments known, then there should be no problem and the filtering worked as intended.

However, unscrupulous companies have sabotaged this process by offering huge discounts to people in favor of a very positive review (Or Fake Amazon review as we call it).  These tainted reviews are what most people call astroturfing; others just simply refer to these as downright cheating.

It goes without saying that a minimum discount or the more probable big ones given by these companies will take away the impartiality of the real reviews with fake Amazon reviews.

Seeing through the smoke of fake male enhancement reviews becomes more important than ever.  Luckily, there are a few steps that should be able to help people in identifying the legitimate reviews from the phony ones.

One and Only

Most likely, users of male enhancement products look for the product that suits them best or gets them the desired results.  In the process of looking for the right kind of fit, he should be able to give some reasonable inputs about several of male enhancement products.

Thus, it would be highly suspicious for a reviewer who has made a positive or negative comment on only one product.

At the very least, an individual who posts a review would mention, even in passing another kind of product that is supposed to offer the same results as the product he has publicly endorsed. Logically, the reviewer should have posted comments on that other less desired product. It would not hurt to check the username’s history for other feedbacks.

Similar Language

This is in some ways the opposite of the first item in this article. Reviews about several male enhancement products that oddly look the same should have one’s spider senses into overdrive. Posted comments, normally, would be a lot different between products. As they say, there are different ways of skinning a cat. The person paid to do the reviews is probably bored with his job and is lackadaisical with his efforts.


While enthusiasm can be a significant indicator of a satisfied customer, too much of it raises some red flags. Be very careful of reviews who are laying it a bit too thick on the positive side. Reviews with too many apostrophes should be sequestered for questioning.

One-sided Fake Male Enhancement Reviews

This is a review that solely trumpets the awe-inspiring benefits of a specific male enhancement product and completely ridicules any and all competitors.  Although it is a very natural thing to be thankful and even proud of a certain product, there is absolutely no need to bash the rest of the other options.  This is very easy to spot since it smacks of arrogance and ridiculous comparisons.


Search Engine Optimization is the current game in town as far as searching is concerned. By typing in key words, the user would be able to check options based on the used words. Paid / fake Amazon reviews tend to maximize words that are even highly-technical so long as the product in question will come up during the searches.

If the male enhancement product has some long words or technical terms used in abundance in a certain review, try not to be impressed with it.   Do take the review with a bag full of salt.

Be careful out there and most importantly, use common sense!

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