Why is L-Arginine such a Popular Ingredient in Male Enhancement Pills and Patches?

l-arginineOne of the biggest open secrets in society is the reality of sexual dysfunctions. Sexual dysfunctions are commonly called erectile dysfunction in men and lack of sexual drive in women.

It is also called impotence in most circles while the lack of libido in women is seen as the reason why some females find it hard to achieve orgasm or sometimes even the ability to naturally lubricate. There are millions of men and women who suffer this reality, but are too embarrassed to actively seek out medical help.

For this reason, medications, whether synthetic or natural are coming out of the woodwork. Because men comprise the majority of those who suffer this illness, it is natural that most of the sexual enhancements in the market are geared towards the men, and not so much for women.

Very few women feel discriminated with this kind of development.  Since sexual dysfunctions do not discriminate between sexes, a remedy that is gender blind would be a most welcome reprieve, particularly for the fairer sex.

If one happens to take a careful look at the ingredients that comprise male enhancement products, the name L-arginine is most probably the common denominator. L-arginine is a kind of amino acid that is essential to the body and is considered by experts as a very effective ingredient in treating sexual dysfunctions, including those of women.

Increases in Potency Among L-Arginine Infused Penis Pills

Back in 1998, extensive research regarding the conversion of L-arginine into nitric oxide was granted by no less than the Nobel Prize for Medicine. The field of medicine was absolutely sure about the far-reaching implications once a thorough study was made in this field. Since amino acids are the building blocks of man, a better understanding about how it affects the parts of the body and its entirety was a no-brainer.

L-arginine is converted by the body into nitric oxides. Obviously, the more arginine one has, the more his chances of producing nitric oxides are. Nitric oxides are essential to the body because it dilates the blood vessels, so the blood can flow more freely.

Once the circulation of the blood is improved, there is a better chance for the blood to go to the penis which is the cause of erection. Simply put, no nitric oxides no blood and consequently no erection.

Additionally, data show that L-arginine also contributes to the increase in sperm count in men.
A really big bonus point that happens when there is better blood circulation is the lowering of blood pressure since the arteries are more relaxed.

Better circulation would also allow all the nutrients to be adequately sent to the different parts of the body. A healthier body should develop better sex drive and sexual performance.

Endurance is another area that is known to benefit from L-arginine. It should allow couples to enjoy sex for a much longer time and reach satisfying climaxes as a result. The overall effect that the L-arginine brings to the body is one of the biggest reasons why it is such a popular ingredient in most male enhancement products.

Ladies as well

Because the human body, regardless of sex, is basically the same, the conversion of L-arginine into nitric oxides in the body benefits the women as well. Studies show that women who took L-arginine supplements have shown a gradual increase in their libidos.

The same benefits attained by men through excellent blood circulation would also allow the clitoris to be sensitive to the pleasures of sex. It means that women would be able to naturally lubricate themselves and more than likely achieve orgasms.

With the L-arginine, the ladies should no longer be able to complain of discrimination. They should be able to get the same superb treatment from the unfortunate illness called sexual dysfunction.

Other Benefits

Aside from the mentioned benefits, there is also a list of other advantages that people can get from this amazing amino acid.  Here are a few of L-arginines unique advantages:

  • Helps in the production of growth hormones
  • Develops muscle mass
  • Helps in the formation and growth of bones
  • Accelerates the healing from injuries
  • Lowers the chances of suffering strokes
  • Limits the growth of cancer cells
  • Greatly helps people suffering from diabetes

These are just some of the numerous benefits in store for people who take L-arginine supplements and a very good reason to include it as an ingredient in male enhancement products.

Is L-Arginine Safe, Is it All Natural?

People might think that surely, an ingredient or nutrient this amazing should have some risky catch. The good news is, because it is all natural and a very required nutrient in the body there are absolutely no side effects associated with frequent intake of L-arginine supplements.

Another good thing about this nutrient is it takes some time before changes can be seen or felt. It takes away the dangers of too sudden or abrupt changes that could upset the chemistry of the body.  Plus, as already mentioned, it works as good for men as it does for women.

When choosing the best male enhancement supplement, knowing that L-arginine is one of the main ingredients is a definite plus!  Never purchase any enhancement pills without reading and researching the ingredient profiles first!

There are a lot of dangerous penis pills on the market, so take your time!!!

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