Want A Bigger Penis? Then You May Want To Consider Slimming Down

Belly Fat ManscapingWhen it comes to men’s genitalia it comes in many different sizes, and in some instances they can even come in various shapes.

But for people who are on the heavier side many of them have began to notice that their penis may look somewhat smaller than what it did before.

But the funny thing is, their penis has not really become smaller it is simply that they have grown to such a large size that it makes their penis size look disproportionate to their body size.

I like to call this BEER BELLY PENIS!

Even though the solution may seem evident, simply losing a few pounds by itself will not make your penis grow.

But what it can do for you is make your penis as well as the size of your scrotum appear to be a bit bigger. This is mainly because after you shed a few pounds around certain areas of your body your penis will look bigger.

The appearance that will be created will make your penis appear to be longer as well as thicker.  Right now you have a bunch of body fat that is making your penis appear to be smaller than what it actually is.

There are many other things besides being big that can make your penis appear to be smaller than what it actually is.  One of these things would be temperature. Temperature has the ability to affect your penis size, as well as the level of your sexual desire.

If you are not sexually aroused or if you’re uncomfortable with the temperature then your genitalia may not become as enlarged as it could be.

Manscape that Jungle Bush Homeboy!

Another thing you can do to help your penis to look bigger, and boost your confidence a bit,  is little things such as keeping yourself clean-shaven down there.  You don’t need to go for a lot of the trendy drugs that are being offered these days.  All you really have to do is make a few small adjustments in your everyday life in order to improve the look of your penis.   Especially if you’re a guy who normally wears tighty-whitey undies.

“Don’t make it look like you have buckwheat in a leg-lock!”

Pay Close Attention to Your Diet!

Another thing that can affect the size of your genitalia would be the type of diet programs you are currently on. There are many hip and trendy diet programs you can decide to get on.

The way you eat every day is one of the most crucial aspects of helping you to lose weight. It will not do you any good to starve yourself like some people do. Nor will it do you any good to starve yourself while you are engaged in intense physical activity. But what you can do to help out your cause is go to a professional or someone who can help you put together the right type of diet.

Counting Calories

In order to make your penis appear to be bigger by trimming down you must member to keep track of how many calories you consume on a regular basis. If you honestly feel as if you will not be able to slow down how much food you’re consuming then you may want to engage in more intense physical exercise.

If you’re able to perform all these alongside each other then this will do you a great deal of good as opposed to relying on trendy diets. It will be in your best interest to look for dietary programs, which would be the best, suited for you and ones you will be able to be consistent with. Being able to be consistent is the most important thing you will need to do in order to see results.

Get Off Your Duff and Exercise!

You should engage in physical exercise and a healthy diet as often as possible until it becomes a habit that is ingrained in you.

Also cut out most of the high fatty foods along with junk food and foods high in salt, which you may be consuming now. Many of these foods are bad for you anyway and will not help out your diet.

Make Smart Food Choices, and Use Portion Control…

Start consuming more healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and foods that contain the vitamins you need in order to have more energy and get rid of your hunger.

Eat small portions of meat and try to hold back on consuming too many alcoholic drinks as well as sodas. Also try to hold back on smoking cigarettes, as many of these things will not contribute to a good diet.

Follow these basic common sense principals, and get back that inch or 2 that you already had down there!


Photo by Witthaya Phonsawat

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