Micropenis DisorderWhat is Micro Penis and is there a Cure?

Micropenis is a male sexual organ disorder that is often caused by a chromosomal malfunction and some hormonal factors that is responsible for developing the sex of a fetus.

Men who have this disorder suffer from having a relatively small penis and in some severe or extreme cases, there is barely any shaft found in the penis and its penile glans can just be seen on the pubic skin. However, though the size is not normal, research show that men who have micropenis still have a fully functioning male sexual organ.

Thus, can urinate and ejaculate normally. According to researches, there are low sperm counts of male who suffer from micropenis. This eventually leads them to infertility or decreased fertility.

Other than that, there is also one major fear and concern of men with micropenis and that is whether it will make them sexually incapacitated.

Men who suffer from having micropenis surely have anxieties and much lesser self confidence especially when talking or dealing with sex. This is because they would feel they are so unlucky to have such abnormalities and that their masculinity becomes questionable since they fear that they do not have that capability of giving sexual satisfaction to females.

Partly, all these are correct. However, men who have it are still able to engage on sex.  This is because micropenis just affects the outer appearance or the size of the penis and not its sexual capability.

Can Micro Penis be Treated?

The answer is yes! There are options that can help treat this disorder of sexual development and most of the treatments can be started as early as just after birth, if micropenis is recognized, or around puberty stage.  Although results may vary, at least there is hope in having this disorder treated.

Treatments would usually involve hormones which helps stimulate further growth of the penis.  During infancy or until 3 months old, if micropenis has been recognized, an amount of testosterone is usually prescribed.

The intake of testosterone will then cause an increase of size of the penis and confirms the likelihood of gaining growth, eventually, during puberty stage.

Although this treatment approach assures there will be changes or improvements in treating micropenis, still, at puberty stage, there are no assurances it can reach or achieve its normal penis size.  Aside from the testosterone intake treatment, surgical options are also available and these surgical techniques are similar to phalloplasty.

This type of surgical operation enlarges the penis. However, studies and research says that undergoing surgical operations with regard to treating micropenis can eventually cause lesser sexual satisfaction and may expose men to some undesirable side effects.

Aside from that, though there are already a number of men with micropenis who have undergone a surgical operation.  This technique is still not considered as widely or successful adopted by many.

The Best Option?

The usage of penis extenders has gained much more positive reviews than any other options available.   An extender device gradually increases the length and girth of the penis over time and can help improve and strengthen erections.  However, results may not come in just a blink of an eye and thus, requires patience, will, and positive attitude or outlook as this will help a lot in also improving self reliance and confidence.

With the use of an extender, it can be guaranteed that patients with micropenis are safe from unwanted side effects that drugs or surgical operations might cause.  Through only using this type of extender, men who suffer from micropenis can be also saved from having to spend an arm and a leg on surgical operations and pills, but seeking medical advice is your best bet in this case.

Patients with this disorder may think that they are becoming less of a man each time they may think of the size of their penis, but with constant pursuit and will of treating themselves, they can attain a near-average sized penis.

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