1072161 proudThere are a lot of men out there who despite the claims that what they might have between their legs is the average size of most men, just do not buy into the claim. All men want to increase the size of their penis, but they do not want to have to go through unsafe methods in order to do so. Natural penis enlargement can be achieved though, through the use of particular exercises you can perform at home.

You are probably aware of the method I am about to mention, but you should seriously give it a try if you want to increase the size of your penis in a natural way. Think about it, you can avoid having to use pills and other products that would lead to you spending a lot of money and possibly not getting the results you hoped you would get.

The key to seeing results here are just as if you were working out any other muscle in your body. You want to go hard, you want to be repetitious, and you want to give it some time before you start expecting real results. Now let’s get into it. The method you can try to increase the size of your male member would be a technique called jelqing.

The term itself might sound uncomfortable and make your cringe at first, but it is an effective method that a lot of men have used with success. All you have to do in order to get the jelqing exercises started would be to start lightly messaging your penis with your hands. You will want to keep doing this until it is about half way erect. You do not want it to be fully erect.

Now after your penis is about half erect you will want to take one of your hand and make the “OK” sign with your index finger and thumb. Make sure that this sign is really stiff and firm. You want to get the full effect of what you are about to be doing. Now you will want to grip the base of your penis using the “OK” sign you have made.

Start moving towards the upper area of your penis area. You will want to make sure you are doing this slowly and methodically. You do not want to get off focus with where your fingers are. You want to make sure they are on the same area of skin at all times during this process. Now after you get up to the part of the penis that is slightly below the head you will want to let go of your grip.

Congratulations, you have achieved one repetition. You are going to need to do several more. Now how many of these do you have to do in order to see real results? Well in order to achieve natural male enlargement with the jelqing method you will want to do at least twenty to thirty reps of these per day. If you start seeing results you can decide to increase the number of reps, increase the strength in which you do it, and go a little faster.

You can increase the number of repetitions you do after you have been doing this for at least a few weeks. You might want to increase the repetitions maybe 50% after you have been doing only twenty to thirty per day. Now this method is not one hundred percent guaranteed to work, and you may see good results, bad results, or moderate results.

The point is this is a method that can help you achieve natural male enlargement without having to go on awkward doctor visits or try expensive pills that will promise you the sky and the moon but then deliver nothing. In order to do this exercise you do not need to spend any money on expensive pills. You do not need to spend any money on expensive devices either.

The truth is that the man who decides to do this method to increase the size of his penis is going to have a much better chance at success than going with other options such as pills and devices. The jelqing method is designed to increase the length of a man penis, the girth of the penis, and it will also work to help a man last longer in bed. All of this means a more satisfied partner of course.

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