Penis PumpsPenis Enlargement Pumps Are Dangerous When Used For The Wrong Reasons…

You have surely seen the advertisements over the internet for penis enlargement pumps, but are they dangerous to use? Or can they be used safely?

Well, there are actually two different types of penis pumps out there, Dry air penis pumps, and water-based penis pumps.  The only safe penis enlargement pumps are the water-based ones.

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However, in this article we are going to discuss dry air pumps and why they are actually pretty dangerous.  The reality is most men think that using these pumps is similar to working out a muscle group in their body. What this means is they will use the pump for far longer that what they are supposed to.

penis pump attachmentsWhen a man uses a penis pump for long durations of time he is putting himself at risk.  His penis might become numb, and this is going to cause him to have a hard time feeling anything in the bedroom.  The penis can become misshapen.  It can even become cold to the touch, which definitely is not going to feel good to a partner.

One thing to note:  REGULAR DRY AIR PENIS PUMPS DO NOT ENLARGE YOUR PENIS!  They are a temporary fix meant to help men with erectile dysfunction, to “get it up” easier.  If you are using it for size, you are at high risk of injuring your penis.

Penis pumps are not meant to cause problems, they are meant to be solutions.  Penis pumps when they are used the right way are safe.  However, problems results when they are not used right or when they are used to excess.   A man also needs to make sure if he decides to use a penis pump that he is not using an inferior product.

Penis Pumps Men must make sure they get one that has a pressure gauge that will be reliable. The penis pump device also needs to come with very clear instructions. A DVD or some other sort of live demonstration would be beneficial. Men will need to also make sure they are not putting too much pressure on the penis when they use these devices.

When too much pressure is placed on the penis because of these pumps, it can lead to serious levels of damage to the male member.   Problems such as ruptured blood vessels can results and also skin tears. When this happens you might end up having to go to the doctor for help and getting the problem fixed is going to prove costly.

Penis enlargement pumps are not really dangerous more so than they are not as effective as a lot of men have been led to believe they are.  You see when you use a penis enlargement pump, the results are going to be instant. A man will notice his penis is much bigger than what it usually is.  Does this mean the device is actually working?

The answer is no, the device is only giving the illusion of working. The results a man might get with a penis enlargement pump are going to be short lived.  The erections you would be getting while you are using the pump are completely artificial and will not last long at all. This is going to cause some men to believe that by using the pump excessively, they can maintain the results, and this is going to make the penis pumps dangerous.

bad resultsThen you have unintended consequences of using the penis enlargement pump. One of these would be that you can end up making the skin of the penis thinner that what it should be. This is going to lead to you having a weak penis and it is going to be tough for you to maintain an erection for any long period of time.  Premature ejaculation is also a consequence of this.

You also have situations where a man might become to psychologically dependent on using a penis pump, to the point where he is unable to have sex without using it. What do you believe this would do to your sex life if you had to break out a penis enlargement pump every time you wanted to get to business with your spouse?

Even more severe consequences can results when the penis enlargement pump is used too much, or even when it is used the right way. Men run the risk of making themselves impotent from these devices, it is rare, but it can happen. One reason this happens is  because of the base ring, it shuts off circulation to and from the penis. When this happens there is the chance that damage to the penile tissues can happen and this is what might cause the impotence.

Penis enlargement pumps are dangerous only to the extend that a man does not take the time to learn how to use it the right way or becomes too dependent on it. These pumps are not really meant to make a man penis bigger. Their true purpose is to assist those men who have problems getting and maintaining an erection.

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