The Truth About Average Penis Size

penis-size-truthThe average penis size of men has long since been up for debate.  Several scientists have tried to come up with an average size that they feel is accurate.  These so called experts release their finding in medical books, articles, and other publications that men look to in order to get reassurance that they measure up they way they need to.

The average penis size all these references state for men is about 6.5 inches. Now what do you believe this means for most men?  It means they will do anything to make sure they at least meet this minimum standard.  There are a lot of men who fall well below this so called average. And this effects them psychologically, leading to a poor performance in the bedroom.

These men might actually be average, but just might not know it.  Their feelings of inadequacy might be completely unfounded.  The problem is this, the various information that is put out there by the experts and all the statistics that state what the average size of a penis is are completely flawed.  In fact, they are seriously flawed.

Now why is this, and why might so many men be walking around feeling like they do not measure up to the average of 6.5 inches?  Well most of the studies that the experts use to come up with their figures are derived from gathering information from men who perform the measurements on themselves.  Don’t you think a lot of men are going to embellish in this area?

Then you also have the men who are way above average who are going to inflate the number for the vast majority of men.  The fact is you cannot put too much faith into these types of findings.  The information is tainted and it is going to be unreliable.  It is not just because some men are going to fudge the truth about their true size either.

A lot of men are just clueless as to where they should start the measurements in order to ensure accuracy.  Then you have some men who are going to use measuring devices that are going to cause unreliable information to be collected.  Some men actually use rulers to measure their penises and some even go as far as using good old fashion tape measures.

Scientists are doing their best now to correct a lot of the false data they have compiled over the years.  In order to correct such as error the measurements used to collect the data have to be more concrete.  What does this mean? A person who is well trained in the art will have to be used for the purpose of collecting measurements.  A professional has no reason to fudge the numbers, is going to use solid measuring devices, and will know where to begin the measuring process.

Trained professionals have been used for more accurate studies concerning average penis size for a while now.  The new data they are finding out is definitely a surprise.  The average size of a mans penis is actually much smaller than what was originally thought.  When a penis is in an erect state it is said to be about 5.88 inches.  This is much less than the 6.5 inch mark thought to be the average before.

So what does this mean for the man who feels like he does not measure up to the old standard?  It means he is actually in a pool with more men in terms of penis size than he thought and there is no reason to be insecure about it anymore.  The reality is that gaining an extra inch in order to surpass the average can be done for those who still cannot accept being just average.

There are multiple male enhancement exercises available that will help a man to do this.  If a man does not feel comfortable doing these then he can try pills and devices if he feels these would work better for him.  The bottom line is, you have options.  Getting past the average is not hard, but it is going to take commitment.

Start by researching some methods and products now by using the menu at the top of this site and see which method best suits your overall goals!

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