Is There A “World Record Penis Size” for the Biggest Penis?

Alpha Male Syndrome

Men, especially in the United States equate the size of their penis with power and potency.

When a man has a big penis he cannot help but to feel confident.  Even though women may give mixed signals about this, many of them will talk behind closed doors about this.

(kinda makes it seem like men actually care more about penis size than women do!)

Biggest Penis Size - Weiner

If a man has a big penis he will feel good about himself knowing that he will have no problems satisfying his partner.  Some men even believe that if they had the biggest penis size in the room, it somehow makes them more of a man than they really are.

So you can only imagine what those men must feel like if they do not have a big penis.   There have been a lot of weird studies done to see if someone around the world has a big penis.  Even though this may seem weird, it happens all of the time.

One would have to ask themselves… who on earth are these men who would actually want to sign up for such a study in the first place?

I know I wouldn’t!  LOL…

But, the men who do are usually those who feel that if they have the world’s biggest penis, and then they will have the status of being called the ultimate alpha male.  But in these modern times, even the man who was not born with a big penis will be able to do any number of things to make his junk larger.

So a man does not have to look like an alpha male in order to have an above average penis.

Does a World Record Penis Size (Or Above Average) Really matter to Most Women?

Having an average size penis is really the only thing that matters the most important thing before you can begin to consider anything else.  As long as you have an average size penis, you should be able to meet the expectations of a lot of women with no issues whatsoever.  Competing for a world record penis size is actually pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

Many women cannot even handle a large penis anyways, so having an average size will work great for most.  Most women prefer a 7 inch penis as discussed here.

Do Africans have the Biggest Penis Size? According to Studies…

There have been studies done which show that African Americans have the biggest penis size compared to other geographic locations. Often times these studies show that the penis size for African American males is really not that big.

But, you can never really trust these types of numbers because the number of white males compared to the number of black males is so disproportionate.  A larger study would have to be done in order to see what the real deal is.  Now, for the issue of the world biggest penis… what would you think the biggest penis size is?

There was one study done which showed that the biggest size was fourteen inches.

Then there was another study done which shows that the biggest penis is about thirteen and a half inches.  You could only imagine that no women would be able to take this much during sex, unless they were maybe 12 feet tall!

So Who on Earth Holds the World Record Penis Size?  Meet Jonah Falcon

Jonah Falcon worlds biggest penis sizeAccording to wikipedia

Jonah Adam Julio Cardeli Falcon was born at Greenpoint Hospital in Brooklyn to Cecilia Cardeli, an accountant’s clerk, and Joe Falcon, a sailor who died two years after Falcon’s birth.

Falcon has at times claimed that his biological father was actually porn star John Holmes, who was famous for the size of his penis. Falcon has claimed to have documentation proving this lineage, but family members have dismissed this claim and he has failed to produce any evidence.

Whether or not his claims are true about his father being a famous porn star, Jonah has been in the news headlines for having the biggest penis.  Particularly one instance where going through airport security, a worker was patting him down and asked what he was hiding in his pants.

Well, that thing happened to be Jonah’s massive dong!

So how big is Jonah Falcon’s Penis? 13.5 Inches!

According to Wikipedia once again,  Rolling Stone published an article back in 2003 that reported Falcon’s penis as measuring in at a whopping 9.5 inches (24 cm) in length when flaccid / limp,  and 13.5 inches (34 cm) in length when fully hard / erect.  That’s quite a massive penis, but is still debatable if it makes him the world record penis size holder or not.


What it All Boils Down To…

So it would not be that enjoyable for any women because these men would not be able to get all of it in.  But in these modern times there have been so many new innovations created that men can now make their penises larger if they really want to.  (You can see some of our recommendations here.)

So as you can only imagine, there must be a virtual flood of men who have bigger than average penises now.

But, as far as wanting a 12 inch penis?

This does not make any rational sense, because you would have to wonder how comfortable it would be for any man to carry that much junk done there.  How about simple stuff like going to the bathroom, or having to make a discreet “adjustment” while in a business meeting.

Even though it may seem cool, I would have to imagine having a world record penis size would cause more problems than what it would be worth.

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