Everything You Need to Know about Deer Antler Velvet, Does it Really Work as Promised?

deer antler velvetWhile deer antler velvet has been in existence for centuries, it wasn’t until the rumors of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis using the substance to heal his torn triceps days leading to the Super Bowl that the unassuming deer antler velvet was thrust to never before experienced media scrutiny.

Studies show that the ancient Chinese have been using deer antler velvet in obscurity for at least 2,000 years as a remedy for hypertension and sexual disorders.

It is also common belief that is has been used across the globe as a medicine of some sort to slow down the aging process, increase sexual desires, cure infertility, accelerate healing, and as a memory-enhancer among other things.

Apparently, the exploits of deer antler velvet from the ancient to the modern world has gone unnoticed until the fiery and legendary linebacker was quoted as asking for this alternative booster to heal his injured body.

Although he denied ever taking the recommendations to use deer antler spray, the public’s interest has already been piqued. In fact, sales of deer antler velvet skyrocketed like never before after the well-publicized episode. Deers, elks, caribous, and mooses can categorically call RayLewis enemy No. 1!

What is Deer Antler Velvet, and How Does it Work?

Deer Antler Velvet is the tissue taken from antlered animals like deers and caribous when the antlers are still soft and covered with hair. Whereas it has been harvested for centuries for purely medicinal purposes, it is now harvested to remedy a plethora of problems ranging from too much cholesterol, osteoporosis and to simple issues like bowel movements.

They are prized by many because of the incredible nutrients and substances that are found in these antlers. Among the substances that can be found in abundance are calcium and zinc. It also plays host to a wide range of essential amino acids.

Many experts say that deer antler velvet is, for all intents and purposes, an insulin-like growth factor 1 or scientifically called IGF-1. The human growth hormone or the HGH is linked to the production of the IGF-1.

HGH is the primary reason why humans grow. It is an amino acid that dictates the skeletal framework of man and the maturation of practically all of his body parts. HGH is very prominent during childhood days and reaches its peak during puberty when growth is incredibly apparent.

Unfortunately, the production of HGH slows down as a man grows older.

Without HGH, the body does not grow. If the body lacks HGH, growth is stunted and dwarfism is the clear result. Too much of HGH is also not good for the body as the person can suffer a malady called gigantism.

While doctors would readily give persons with stunted growth doses of growth  hormone, they would be extremely reluctant to give the same treatment to adults and professional athletes in particular. Adults and professional athletes always fall into the temptation of getting more than what is needed with dire consequences as the usual ending.

Part of HGH is converted in the liver to IGF-1. IGF-1 is another form of growth hormone that is essential in the development of bones and cells.

Does Deer Antler Velvet Really Work?

Unfortunately, there is really no official body of data to back the claims that deer antler velvet, in whatever form, works. Documentation regarding the ancient and very effective use of deer antler velvet remains elusive. Suffice to say, there is a strong indication that they could be rumors instead of absolute facts.

The closest thing to a test that shows deer antler velvet to be working without any apparent negative side effect was during the heydays of the Soviet empire.

Soviet scientists claim that they extensively used deer antler velvets on their best athletes. During those times, Soviet athletes were far superior than their American counterparts or any athletes from any other nation. Their athletes were stronger, faster, and took far lesser time to recuperate from their exertions. The way to the office of these scientists were littered with broken Olympic records.

If it had really worked as they intended, one might begin to ask why the practice was cut short. Or if the practice had continued for some time, why had the Soviets lost their dominance?

Solid facts taken from credible sources point out the bleak fact that deer antler velvet does not work as promised or advertised.  The solid fact which can refute the assertions that it works can be based on scientific truth and the information provided by manufacturers of deer antler velvet.

Science indicates that for growth hormones to really make beneficial changes, a person has to have a daily intake of 25 million nanograms. Deer antler velvet bottles provide only 3,000 to 5,000 nanograms per bottle. One has to practically drown himself with all those bottles to have a chance of getting his desired improvement.

It could be very true that there are other effects of the deer antler velvet that the millions of fans have experienced through these years.  But, people just might have to look for other solutions.

What’s YOUR Experience with Deer Antler Velvet?  Share your comments below!

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