in-handAmong all the penis enlargement pills, devices, and other techniques out there which has been introduced and tagged as helpful enough in making a man’s penis become thicker and fuller, of course there would always be one particular method that is definitely fitted for every person. In particular, jelquing exercise in conjunction with other male enhancement methods can be of great help in really achieving the desires that is in line with obtaining a very healthy sexual life.

But before proceeding in deeper with this topic, let us first know about the jelquing technique or method and learn about how it helps in the enhancement of a man’s sexual health.

What is Jelquing Exercise?

Jelquing, which is also known as jelqing or “milking”, is a kind of exercise which is performed to help the penis grow longer and thicker. The jelquing exercise is especially constructed to allow or force large amount of blood to circulate through the penile area. Through this, an increase of internal pressure may be felt, making the penis somehow be stretched and extended. The jelquing exercises should be done regularly but of course, proper resting should also be observed since stressing your penis too much might also result on to nothing good. Thus, stress will certainly reduce the effectiveness of jelquing.

This technique is obviously a non-surgical one as it is just an exercise. Thus, the procedure only requires you, your determination and will, and of course, your eagerness to achieve the desired results. After few weeks of doing this exercise in a constant manner, an increase in the penis’ length or girth will surely be noticed. A combination of these two results may also be possibly achieved if the jelquing exercise is properly done.

Before doing the jelquing, it is very important that you also need to learn the basics so to avoid hurting yourself and getting any injuries.  Also, improper exercising may also lead on getting no satisfactory results.  When doing the jelquing technique, the penis should be semi erected. This should be maintained and followed at least for the beginning periods.

How Does Jelquing Work?

The jelquing procedures can be started by simply putting a lubricant in the penile area and then applying an OK style thumb grip at the base of the penis. Do this using only one hand.  After that, start massaging the penis forward toward the glans.

Apply again an OK style thumb grip. This time, you should use the second hand as you slowly release your first hand from the penis. Repeat stroking toward the glans then do the OK style thumb grip at the base of the penis again using the other hand.

Remember to not just quickly remove your hands from gripping the penis since the main goal of this exercise is to trap a large amount of blood in the penile area and thus, you cannot achieve this if you would just immediately take off your hands from gripping.

Also, the speed of each stroke which you will make should not be less than 3 seconds. Otherwise, the exercise may fall out to masturbating then. You are also allowed to repeat this exercise as many or as long as you can.

Additionally, the jelquing exercise may be combined with other male enhancement methods.  For instance, you can certainly do the jelquing technique and also take in male enhancement pills at the same time, which is very effective!   You may also perform the jelquing exercise in conjunction with a penis extender such as the Vimax Extender, SizeGenetics, Pro Extender System, or the Jes Extender.

Through using these various combinations, you’ll be able to meet your male enhancement / penis enlargement goals MUCH quicker!

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