Low Testosterone Can it Really Affect Your Sex Drive?

Low testosterone in menTestosterone is a steroid hormone that is primarily produced in men’s testicles or testes.

Apart from its role of increasing or maintaining sex drive , sexual pleasure, and sperm production, testosterone is also essential in keeping the bone density, fat distribution and strength of the muscles. However, of all the other functions, it is the sex drive or the libido that what most men are more concerned when talking about testosterone.

If a man has a low testosterone level, having a low libido or sexual urge will also follow. With this, it is most likely that men who have low testosterone will suffer from having low self-esteem as this all leads with the ability or the urge to engage in sexual activities. There are lots of factors that help a man boost his sexual drive.

However, if there is a low testosterone level, a man may not be able to rule well in bed and thus, will result to an unsatisfying sexual performance. Other than that, a relatively low testosterone count could also result on to sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction and a lack of sex drive.

Accordingly, while women undergo changes in hormonal levels and face menopausal stage as they age, men also does and this is through the form of having low testosterone level. As how it is, teenage men will always have the highest level of sexual drive or urge and as they grow older and become adults, certainly it would be undeniable that they may experience a gradual change in terms of that sexual drive.

Factors of “Low T” Resulting in Low Sex Drive in Men

This is due to factors that surround which can contribute stress, irritability, depression, anxiety, and others. Therefore, to sum it all up, testosterone level will really fall down naturally as a man ages. Another reason that may cause low testosterone levels is when a man suffers from testicular cancer, an injury in the scrotum and mumps. Undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments may also contribute to a low testosterone count.

Since testosterone level can affect sexual life, men will always have this fear of aging as this will be associated then with a gradual decrease of their testosterone. Perhaps, this fear is one reason why some men are very much conscious with their diet and exercise.  Also, the availability of male enhancement supplements in the market somehow alleviates their worries just in case they may experience this decrease of sexual urge in time, and beef up their size a bit as well.

Furthermore, suffering from low testosterone level may also cause men to have sleep disturbances. Although low testosterone can cause decrease energy levels, it may also be a reason for insomnia or any other changes and disturbances in a man’s sleep pattern.

Another thing, low testosterone level also result to some emotional changes. This condition can make a man’s feelings be heightened such as the feeling of sadness, depression and anxiety. In some cases, men who suffer from having low testosterone level may experience trouble in terms of memory and concentration.

Physical Changes from “Low T”

Low self-esteem and motivation may also add up. With regard to physical changes, men with low testosterone count may notice an increased body fat, decreased strength or mass of muscles, fragile bones, decreased body hair, some swelling or tenderness in their breast tissue, increased fatigue and stress.

To men who experience an unusual feeling of having less sexual urge, it is best that you should seek a Doctor’s advice and have yourself be checked.

Although it is just normal for a testosterone to drop down as a man ages, still, it would be alarming if you are still in your 30’s but then you realize your sexual life and the level of your sexual urge has been seriously dropping too low that you do not mind if you can’t get sex for a month.

In addition, it would be best if as early as possible, men would be conscious of their diets and the kind of food or meal they eat on a daily basis. Perhaps, just a right amount of veggies and fruits should be consumed so to keep the body healthy.

Male enhancement supplements will also help a lot in keeping up your sexual health.  Just make sure to only choose those FDA approved supplements so to prevent undesired problems or complications.

Have you ever experienced symptoms of Low T, and if so, what were they and how did you deal with them? Leave a comment below!

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