What are the Differences in Types of Condoms?

Condoms come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

condom types

I think when it comes to different types of condoms, there are many companies who realize that by making them all a bit different in ways makes for a great marketing experiment.

They use many tactics such as, looking more futuristic, seeming more technologically advanced, multi-colored, or even tasting like all fruits of the Skittles rainbow, certain people may be more inclined to buy them.

You can find condoms that are flavored with about any flavoring you can think of (from chocolate to Jack fruit), there are also condoms, which are made to feel a certain way in order to provide increased sensations (think ribbed, wavy, etc..).

It is very important that you know which types of condoms your partner likes most in order to provide them with the best experience possible.

Condoms types are separated by several different categories, and these are something you will want to take note of.

The material of the condom you decide to use is important, if not one of the most important things you will want to take into consideration. You will find everything from latex to polyurethane to lambskin when it comes to materials.

The second most important thing to note is the size of the condom you are using.  If you are a bigger man then you will want to get a condom that will be able to fit your member the right way.  If you have a smaller penis then you will want to make sure you have a condom that fits it the right way otherwise it will not be comfortable.

Let’s get into each type of condom more specifically…

Spermicidal Condoms

You can use spermicidal condoms if you are trying to use a condom that will give you less of a chance of getting your spouse pregnant.  But a lot of women say they feel uncomfortable with the spermicidal fluid in these types of condoms and many men do not like them either.   Plus, the spermicide really isn’t a guarantee whatsoever!   A better option would be to use a spermicidal lubricant with your favorite condom type instead.

Sheep Skin Condoms

This condom type is the one for those men who hit the latex allergy lottery.  that is, find a partner who can’t use regular condoms due to skin sensitivities / allergies to latex (especially latex condoms).  Not only are lamb skin / sheep skin condoms more expensive, they don’t quite fit as well as traditional latex condoms, and tens to reduce the pleasurable feeling during sex.

Plus, unfortunately, The World Health Organization has done studies on this topic where they’ve shown that any non-latex condoms (such as lambskin, nitrilehave, or polyisoprene types) have a much higher breakage rate versus traditional latex condoms.

This significantly drops the effectiveness rate from over 99% (with latex) down to around 95% with non-latex condoms.


Ribbed Condoms (Most Women’s Favorite Condom Type!, But Not All…)

If you have a woman who wants more sensations when you are having sex then you can get the condoms that are ribbed.

These condoms are designed to make a women feel intense sensations and they usually increase pleasure in both people.   Most women tend to like the extra feeling from ribbed, which are generally their favorite types of condoms, for the same reason they prefer girth over length in penis size (most cases).

That is, more pleasurable direct contact with the vaginal wall, meaning added pleasure!

But, not all women are the same, and some may prefer a smooth condom, so it’s best to try different types of condoms before going out and buying a 100 pack!

condom types different colorsColored / Flavored Condoms

A lot of women do not care about the color so much, but for some men they put a little bit of value into it.

If you are the type of person who plans on being naughty and adding some extra “flavor” or spice into the bedroom situation, then you might want to consider a flavored variety.

A lot of women are into this if you ask them and it is a great way to get playful when you are having sex.  Ask your partner what type of flavor she likes so that she is more enthusiastic so to speak.

Condoms with Tips

The last factor to consider when determining the best types of condoms is the fact that they have a certain type of tip, usually a reservoir tipped condom.

These condoms are good at holding sperm, which is very important if you want to give yourself the best chance of not getting your spouse pregnant.

If you do not have this type of condom then things can get messy.  With condoms that don’t fit this billing it is also easier for sperm to leak out.

The good news?  Nowadays nearly ALL condom types have a tip reservoir built in.

Novelty Condoms

Novelty condoms are just that.  Something fun and/or funny;  typically purchased in a dirty gas station bathroom, or at an alternative / gag gift store like Spencer’s gifts (in the USA).  Many times they have strange colors or designs on them, lack any necessary lubrication, and are typically VERY SMALL, and can be very difficult to put on if you have an average penis size or larger!

Novelty condoms are best used for funny gifts for bachelorette parties or some other occasion as a mood lightening gift.  Not so much for peace of mind and or protection from pregnancy or STD’s.

Ultra-Thin Condoms (Man’s Favorite Condom Type!)

Ahh!  The good ole ultra-thin condom!  Every man’s favorite style of condom by far, because you get to feel much more of the bedroom action, and it’s the closest thing there is to raw condom-less sex.   Are they as good as the real thing?  Of course not, but if you must use a condom, they are as close as you can get.

One of the down sides of ultra-thin condoms is that they can tear a bit easier than regular condoms, so be sure to use extra lubrication when possible.  But, the good thing, is they don’t break as often as one might think.  they are actually pretty dependable, as long as you’re using a quality brand like Trojan or Lifestyle condoms.

what types of condoms are best?So, Which Types of Condoms are Best?

The best types of condoms are the ones that get the job done, as well as pass the partner approval test!  Condoms are worthless if your partner is not comfortable, so be sure to pay attention!

There is no real way to tell which type of condom a woman will respond to the most, so maybe try out a few types and see what she likes best.  Some women do not like flavored condoms (or even giving oral sex) , or want to “risk it” with an ultra-thin condom.

Most women if they had a choice would simply choose to create their own custom type of condom, which is obviously not gonna happen in 99.999% of cases, so the next best thing is to offer some variety!

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