What Exactly Is The Sperm Cell Inside Of A Man?

sperm cellThe sperm cell is the reproduction cell inside of a man that is responsible for helping the man to impregnate a woman.  When a man ejaculates sperm is what comes out of his member, and it is usually a milky white color.  Sometimes if a man is unhealthy he can have sperm that looks very yellow.

What Are Spermatozoids?

When it comes to your sperm cell, you have two components for the most part. You have a non-cellular part of your sperm cell and then you have a cellular part. The cellular part of your sperm cell is the part, which produces spermatozoids.  Did you know that when you ejaculate during sex that you are releasing hundreds of millions of spermatozoids at once?

Even though this may seem like a lot believe me it is a very tiny percentage.  In fact only about 2 to 3% of ejaculate consist of these sperm cells.  Because of this reason it is very difficult to try and determine exactly how much sperm is in any one given man.

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The Other Non-cellular Part of Your Sperm Cell

The non-cellular part of your sperm cell is the part that contains the seminal fluid, which is comprised of water, salt, and protein.  This is the fluid that carries your sperm to begin with, and it is produced by your prostate gland.  The majority of your sperm comes from this area, and then the rest comes from your seminal vesicles.

Your Testicles and Reproduction 101

Your testicles on the other hand are your most vital reproductive organs.  They are usually shaped like ovals and they are inside of your scrotum.  This is the part of your body, which is responsible for producing testosterone as well as every other sexual cell in your body.  Inside your testicles millions upon millions of sex cells are being produced on a steady consistent basis.

How does it work exactly?

Whenever a man is engaged in sexual intercourse when he becomes sexually stimulated enough he ejaculates.  It is then that the sperm is released from him and is released inside of the woman.  After this happens it travels through to the woman’s egg through the fallopian tube. All it takes is one sperm cell in order to impregnate a woman, even though a man produces millions of sperm cells per day.

How will it Determine the Sex of the Baby?

These sperm cells will carry with them either the X-chromosome or the Y-chromosome.  If a woman has her egg fertilized by the Y-chromosome then the child will be a male. If the woman has her egg fertilized by the X-chromosome it will be a female.  There is no way for a man to control this, even though there are some innovative ways being created that can help determine the sex of a child.

In order for sperm to enter into a woman the man must become sexually aroused enough in order to achieve an erection.  Once he achieves an erection he must be able to become sexually stimulated enough to reach orgasm.  Only after the orgasm happens will the man ’s sperm fertilize a woman.  It also depends on the volume of sperm which semen volumizers greatly help to increase.

The man will have to be physically attracted to the woman in order for his brain to send signals to various components of his body to start the blood flowing in order for him to maintain and get an erection.

Orgasm Control and Lasting Longer in Bed Before Ejaculation

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