Important Tips for How to Keep Track of Your Penis Size Gains (consistency is key!)

penis size gains - keeping track of progressPenis enlargement is no longer a taboo in the 21st century. It is natural for men to have anxieties about their penile measurements, thinking that women are very much particular in choosing a mate with larger- than- average penis.

The idea of enlarging the penis through surgical or non- surgical methods is undoubtedly as alluring as sexy women to men. With the treasure trove of dietary supplements, penis- enlarging pills and creams on the market, it is hard to ignore the call for a better penis size.

There are also natural methods that men can try as an alternate option to invasive procedures that require more money and guts to go under the operating table. These include using snake oils, acupuncture, clamping, pumping or using penis extenders.

Why Enlarge your Penis Size to Begin With?

There are many reasons why men want to enlarge their penises, but surprisingly, only a few admit to using penis- enlarging supplements or doing enlargement routines.

Studies show that penile size has a direct correlation to the self- confidence of men. Having a smaller- than- average size can result in low confidence, decrease in sexual performance and even insecurities in dating.

Since they want to improve their sexual performance and satisfy their partners, they might consider the idea of a penis enlargement. Frequent vaginal orgasms are linked to longer penises, so this fact might be one of the reasons that push them to try it. Penis enlargement is still a popular option for better orgasms for the females, more ego boost and improved performance in the bedroom.

Tracking the Progress of Penis Size Gains

Preferences vary among women, but men usually want a longer and bigger penis size than what they naturally have. Track your progress to see if your chosen method is effective. It is recommended that you are consistent in tracking the size of your penis so you can make the necessary adjustments based on your sexual goal.

Before everything else, measure your starting size and record the supplements you take or the routine you choose for penis enlargement. You can also include other data that could prove useful to your progress log, such as masturbation/ sex frequency, exercise routines and other variables. Recording on a daily basis might prove to be futile; weekly records are more reliable.

Here are the following steps that can help you track penis growth progress.

Join Penis Enlargement Forums or Online Groups

You will be surprised to know that there are forums dedicated in recording progress in terms of penis size gains as well as sharing overall penis enlargement methods.  Having a forum- log has its advantages.

First, you can get the necessary critique or feedback regarding your enlargement workout or supplements. People who join such forums are especially helpful to newbies and are eager to share what they have learned from experience.

As they say, “experience is the best teacher” and you would not get any better recommendations than those who have tried penis enlargement for a long time.

You need to be truthful in your progress log, so you can get the best advice. Second, the information you provide will be useful as reference for people who are still weighing in the pros and cons of penis enlargement.

Using a Penis Size Gains / Penis Enlargement Software

Submit a Guest Blog PostWouldn’t you want to input data quickly and have a system to analyze it for you? If you are the tech-savvy kind, investing in a Penis Enlargement software will allow you to record your progress neatly and get helpful patterns that could improve overall findings about penis enlargement.

Data comparison is also done in a few clicks, so you would know how you stand against other men who entered their information. By using software, you can easily construct and store routines, review your stats, record progress and get helpful reminders about your goals.  There are a few of these out there, but I recommend keeping a Google spreadsheet to keep it simple and private.

Record Your Penile Gain Progress on Paper

measuring penis size increasesUsing paper and a hardcopy binder to record progress on your penis size gains is the least chosen method, but it is still a possible way to keep track of your efforts.

One of the major disadvantages of recording on paper is that you might leave it lying around the house for your family members to see. Misplacing it and someone reading it can be an embarrassing situation that most people want to avoid. Paper is also vulnerable to the elements, like fire and water, so you might lose it in one accident and have nothing to reference to.

Keeping it in private is not recommended since you would not know if you are making enough progress to justify your routines.  It is best to have quick access to them to help you remain consistent.  If you miss one day, that will likely lead to 2, then 3, then 4,  you get the idea.

Keep a dedicated penis enlargement journal with you, and be vigilant!   You got this!


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