Let’s Compare 2 of The Most Popular At Home Penis Enlargement Methods – V-Stretch & A-Stretch

v-stretch vs a-stretchPenis enlargement exercises have been in our society since the inception of full body exercises.  After all, the penis is still a muscle, so why leave it out, right?

People have been searching for exercises that might help improve the length of their penis.  Several techniques have been developed over the years.  They have improved over the basic penis stretching exercises.

Stretching is a safe way of conducting strength and length to the penis.  It enhances the capability of the penis to maintain its power throughout the entire process of erection.

Stretching also helps provide a degree of resilience that markedly improves upon the length and size of the penis over time.  It is likened to working out in the gym and seeing the muscle gains, albeit only in a bathroom and in front of a mirror.

The importance of penis enlargement exercises has been in the minds of men all over.  It’s a source of positive esteem and it fuels feelings of dominance in a man. Having a stronger and suppler penis is freeing to a man.

Manhood is a very personal wealth for any man.  Being able to improve on penis length and strength further encourages the release of testosterone, a very important hormone that governs the manly capabilities and traits of men.

The V-Stretch Method

The V-Stretch exercise is one such penis enhancing workout.  It’s an exercise technique that was created just recently.  What it does is that it applies downward stress on the upper portion of the shaft of the penis, thus creating a V shape as you perform this exercise.

Performing the V-Stretch is quite simple.  You use both your hands for this technique. You stretch your penis outward with the finger and thumb of your non-dominant hand gripping the head part securely.

Making sure that you don’t induce pain upon this stretching process, you proceed to placing the thumb of your dominant hand on the rear part of the shaft of your penis.  You then apply steady pressure on your shaft. Slide your thumb down the entire length of your shaft while maintaining the downward pressure.

Return your thumb to the back end of your penile shaft without removing the downward push.  Throughout this process, you should be able to observe that your penis will assume a V shape, hence the name V-Stretch.

The A-Stretch Method

Other penis enlargement exercise is the A-Stretch.  It’s basically the polar opposite of the V-Stretch, but the process is relatively different.  The A-Stretch is focused on applying upward pressure on the lower part of your penile shaft.

It stretches the suspensory ligaments and muscle fibers of your penis, particularly on the upper portion.  It’s an exercise that has the same purpose as its reverse version: to apply pressure of the penis, enabling stretching and tearing of the penile ligaments for suppleness and added strength.

It’s also like working out your extremities in the gym.

The A-Stretch technique may sound easier to do than the V-Stretch, but it actually utilizes more pressure and effort to provide the most stretch for the penis.  This time, your dominant hand is the one that will be holding the penis outward.  Ensuring semi penile erection, grip the penis an inch or so from the glans and pull it outward until you feel the adequate stretch.

Place your non-dominant wrist on the posterior portion of your penis, just at the base above the scrotal sac.  You should be able to clasp your non-dominant hand onto your dominant arm in a lockdown fashion.

Your penis should immediately feel the stretch by this point.  You can control the stretch by pushing upwards or pulling down your non-dominant hand.  Hold this position for thirty seconds and do just 5 repetitions of these.

Which At Home Penis Enlargement Method Works Best?

You may be torn as to what technique suits you best.  You may even find yourself more comfortable using one over the other.  But these exercises can be both incorporated together in a single exercise session.

If you’re REALLY serious…

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The best way to start if you’re a beginner is that you should allocate the right amount of repetitions of each exercise within an entire 5-minute exercise period.  You’ll be able to increase your reps over time, and keep track of your results as you progress through the workout regimen.  Don’t go over the time frame or work your penis too much because it also needs ample rest and regeneration.

Have you personally tried the V-Stretch or A-Stretch method yourself with hopes of increasing your penis size? Share your thoughts in the comments below…


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