Enlast Cream  & Research Regarding Premature Ejaculation or PE Point out that Almost Half of the Total Population in Men Suffer PE.

Enlast Cream BenefitsThis is the most common sexual dysfunctions in men and hands down one of the most embarrassing. Without remedy, it can lead to loss of interest in sex and can have extremely negative psychological and physical effects.

More so, studies show that if untreated, premature ejaculation can often lead to full-blown impotence or cause men to be infertile.  Thats where products like Enlast cream come into play.

Enlast Cream Offers a Unique Remedy

Many of the male enhancement products that offer a solution to PE take the form of oral solutions like pills. Enlast Cream, on the other hand, is a topical cream that delays the ejaculation for better satisfaction between the couples.

Since women reach orgasm longer than men, the remedy for PE cannot be over emphasized, particularly those who suffer this dysfunction. Aside from preventing PE, it also eases the sexual act since the cream doubles as a lubricating agent.

Active Ingredients in Enlast cream

The official website lists all of the ingredients used for Enlast and are claimed to be FDA approved. As such, these ingredients have the stamp of safety since no less than the governing body for drugs has given its thumbs up for its sale and use for the general public.

Although the official website does not give specific elaborations about how the ingredients can help men get the desired results, a simple search on the internet should yield these results:

 Muira Puama.

Many of the ingredients used in Enlast are for the enhanced flow of blood to the penis. This ingredient is one of the them and is a known remedy for premature ejaculations and other penile dysfunctions.

 Huanarpo Macho.

An ingredient used to lessen stress in many drugs and is another common treatment for PEs and other sexual maladies.

 Arginine, Sodium Saccharin.

An important ingredient in the increase in production of nitric oxides. Nitric oxide does an important job in the flow of blood to the penis. Not only is it a help in treating PEs, researchers also believe the ingredient can help increase penis size as well as sexual appetite.

The rest of the ingredients are supposed to help lessen the oversensitivity of the penis which is a big part of premature ejaculations and add to the lubricating quality of the Enlast cream.  One thing to consider is the use of benzocaine which does have some risk factors and/or side effects to be aware of.

How to Use Enlast cream

The official website instructs people to use 10 to 12 drops on the penis even just a few minutes before sex. This is actually quite confusing as there is no way of quantifying a cream as drops. It could probably mean a small amount of cream which is enough to lubricate the whole penis, and is perfectly fine to use with most condom types.

Enlast claims the cream to work within a 3 minute time span and allows the male to hold his ejaculation up to an amazing 3 hours!


This is one of the most expensive male enhancements in the market. A single tube is retailed at $ 49.95.  As always, buying more provides a better return for spending money. Buying two for about $100 includes a third bottle to the equation as part of the discount. If one really finds the cream to be exceptionally good and has the money to afford more, he can opt for 3 bottles for around $150 with three additional bottles as an incentive. So by spending $150, one gets 6 bottles in total.

Advantages of Enlast Penis Cream

Safe. Being FDA approved does have its guarantees. It should be generally safe to use this male enhancement product.

Ease of Use. By simply rubbing the penis with enough cream to lubricate it, one can experience the benefits of the cream in as few as 3 minutes and enjoy it for hours on end.

For all ages. The official website claims the Enlast cream to be excellent for men regardless of age. It is one of the reasons why all natural ingredients are utilized in Enlast.

Adds size and girth. Often lost in the claim for treating premature ejaculation is the potential of Enlast cream to add size and girth to the penis. The ingredients used here are also found in most male enhancement products designed to add size and girth to the penis.

Helps with Erection. Most of the ingredients used are known to allow greater blood flow to the penis which is the primary cause of erections. As such, Enlast should somehow allow the user to quickly get and maintain an erection.

Lubricant. The gel-like quality Enlast makes it a perfect lubricant for ease of penetration.

Ingredients. The ingredients of Enlast are all natural and are listed on the official website.

Disadvantages of Enlast

No Explanation about the Ingredients. The official website merely lists the ingredients without some explanation about how they are supposed to work.

Satisfaction Guarantee.  Money back guarantee is possible only for unused Enlast products.

Expensive.  There are other options in the male enhancement market offering largely the same benefits with a lower price tag.


As always the case of drugs, natural or otherwise, the effect is entirely on a case to case basis.   Enlast has big potential in the male enhancement department though, and looks to be a pretty good product overall!

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